There’s been an increase in small parcel shipments during the last year, and it’s important to find software that will optimize your shipping process. Ideal for distributors and eCommerce businesses, Evron’s Spire – ShipStation Integration offers several features that will help streamline and automate your shipping processes — all while saving you time and money.

Evron recently hosted a successful webinar overviewing our Spire add-on. However, if you weren’t able to make it to our Spire Meets ShipStation Lunch and Learn, here’s what you’ve missed.

Achieve Best Shipping Practices With ShipStation

As you may know, our partner ShipStation is renowned for its eCommerce shipping solutions, whose primary objective is to get shipments out the door while saving you time and money. Ken Fike, the Partnerships Manager at ShipStation and guest speaker at our webinar, highlighted a few best shipping practices.

For starters, it’s good to note that many studies have shown that offering free shipping is an effective selling tactic. Of course, shipping is never free, but if you can leverage multiple carriers and review a broader range of rates, you will know how to incorporate shipping fees into your cost accurately.

It’s also important to give customers an estimate of their delivery date. With ShipStation, you will be able to calculate accurate delivery dates based on their location. It’s never been easier to meet customer expectations!

Get the Best Courier Rate

ShipStation works with countless couriers (including Canada Post, Fed Ex, UPS, DHL, and Canpar), so you can easily continue using the delivery service you currently depend on. Though you may be loyal to a particular courier simply because you’re comfortable using it, it may not be the most economical choice for delivering all of your products.

Our integration enables Spire users to access ShipStation’s Rate Calculator. This enables you can compare real-time shipping costs. Not only will this present you with an accurate rate, but it can help you find the lowest one. In addition, it will also show you an accurate delivery date based on the courier and location.

Here are some resources that were shared about shipping rates:

Automate Shipping Processes

Evron’s Spire – ShipStation Integration transfers orders into ShipStation, which will then populate Spire with the shipping information. To put it simply, users can access the benefits of ShipStation through their Spire ERP system. There isn’t any need to manually enter the tracking number or update the shipping status.

Businesses can also automate printing batches of shipping labels and sending shipping notifications to customers. This will prevent any data entry errors and improve communication and workflow efficiency.

Spire–ShipStation Integration

Our in-house expert, Armand Javdan, demonstrated how easy it is to use our application. Spire users can access couriers, shipping rates, and order dispatch information with just a few clicks. It’s easy and convenient to use. For example, if a customer calls inquiring about their order or an employee wants to track a shipment, all data can be accessed within Spire.

Future Goals

ShipStation’s primary focus is currently on small parcels, but they plan to incorporate LTL and truckload order capabilities in the future. At Evron, we continually modernize our applications and our Spire – ShipStation module wouldn’t be any different. When ShipStation expands its software, we plan to adapt our application too.

Webinar Resources

If you weren’t able to attend our live webinar or have but want to reference the information again, you can view our slide deck:


For a more comprehensive review, you can also watch the webinar recording below.

To learn more about our Spire – ShipStation Integration or request a demo, please contact a consultant.