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Evron Extensions

Exclusive Add-Ons and Upgrade/Migration Support

Developing Software + Supporting Clients Since 1983.

Evron has a series of extensions available to you that can be integrated with your current ERP system. We can also help update your legacy solution and assist in migrating to a new ERP providing consultation, implementation, and training.

Upgrade Your Accounting Software, Upgrade Your Business.

Evron helps growing companies benefit from the latest technology to help them operate better and lower the cost of doing business.

Organizations migrating to more advanced accounting software or upgrading to the latest version of their current application can take advantage of Evron’s three decades of accounting software expertise.

If you’ve outgrown your current application, Evron will work with you to determine the right accounting system, implement the new system, migrate existing data, and provide ongoing support and training. 


Shipstation For Spire

Evron has developed an integration with Shipstation for Spire users. This partnership enables Spire users to truly complete all their business processes, from end-to-end, in their ERP. With the Shipstation add on, you can receive, process, and ship orders all on Spire.

Shipstation is an application that allows you to import, manage, print shipping labels, and ship from a single application. Combined with Spire, you can manage your inventory, track financials, handle returns, perform advanced data analytics, and more. Shipstation allows you to:

  • Import orders from wherever you sell
  • Create shipping labels and ship with 30+ domestic and international carriers
  • Automate nearly every step of your shipping process with presets and rules
  • Batch print hundreds of shipping labels with a few clicks
  • Promote your brand on notification emails, custom tracking pages, labels, and more.

You can learn more about the integration on our ShipStation page. 

PAYStation: Security for Computer Generated Cheques 

Since 1955, PAYstation has been working with banks and police in cheque fraud prevention and detection. Their client base includes all major Canadian banks, governments, and international businesses.
PAYstation’s Canadian cheque protection systems offer the most secure, reliable and convenient way to write and sign your cheques. The systems provide the same level of controls, deterrents and preventive measures employed by major corporations.
The tightly controlled cheque printing system that PAYstation enforces will help your company become compliant with Canada’s new cheque rules and accounting best practices such as those contained in the American Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Print Your Own

Generate your cheque from within your existing financial package then print it through PAYstation. With security features both on and in the the cheques and encrypted password protection, you can run business safely. Convenience lies in your ability to control logo, name, and signature options. Further, you can issue dual currency cheques from 32 different banks. 

Order Secure Cheques Online

Evron offers I-DNA registered security business cheque stock that is highly secure and complies with Canada’s new standards. You can design your business cheques online with an easy-to-use online design interface. They are easily reordered online and any security updates will be applied at no extra cost. Features include: I-DNA covert Marking, DocuCheck Security Paper, LineMark paper marking, Warning Bands, Invisible Flourescent Fibers, TonerFuse II – ink removal protection, Chemical Resistant Stains.


Custom Software Extensions

For industries with specific requirements that are not available in their core financial systems, Evron creates specialized add-ins and implements extensions from other leading suppliers. Add-in products runs seamlessly within the software and have the same look and feel as any other part of the program. Our developers – some with three decades of programming experience – have a well-deserved reputation for delivering tailor-made solutions to the most specific business needs. Whether designing standalone products or extensions to third party applications, custom solutions mean ideal functionality at a substantially lower cost. 

Vivid Reporting Flex

Vivid Reports Flex is the new way to access and share information with flexibility and control.  Seamlessly combine the rich formatting and ease-of-use of Microsoft Excel with the superior processing power and advanced functionality provided by Vivid Reports Flex. Vivid functions as an add-on to systems like Acumatica and Epicor or other data sources. 

Leverage Excel to define dynamic SQL expressions that return exactly what you need to Excel.  Update any part of the expression simply by changing values in Excel for a single cell or thousands.  Enable your decision makers to easily control what they want to see and securely deliver that information into professional Excel reports and dashboards.

Generate multi-level reports, link reports together to allow ease in navigating information, lock changes from unauthorized personnel, and more are all part of the Vivid Difference.

Ideal For: Data Capture and Forecasting, Operational Reporting, Dashboards and KPIs

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