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Spire is a modern, fully integrated accounting and inventory management software designed to streamline processes, provide better insight and enables you to take control of your business so that you can grow confidently. It is developed with an intuitive interface and a robust database that uses the latest technology for efficiency, flexibility and scalability. You owe it to yourself to consider Spire if you need financial software that is a level up from QuickBooks™ or Simply Accounting(Sage 50)™. Alternatively, if you are ready to migrate from legacy products like Sage BusinessVision™ or other products based on yesterday’s technology, then Spire could be for you.

With Evron’s help you can run Spire at your premises on your computer network. Alternatively, if you don’t want to invest in computer infrastructure and in house computer support resources, we can provide a cloud solution for your use of Spire. 

We take pride in the high quality of our support and have a support package to meet your individual needs.

Optimize Spire with Evron Field Service

Evron has developed a series of solutions for those in Field Service verticals. These tools integrate fully with Spire (among other ERP’s). Read More

  • Wholesale Distribution

    Benefits of Using Spire For Distribution:

    Efficient Inventory Management
    -Accurate inventory tracking allows for timely reordering and replenishment

    Optimize Warehouse Control
    – Automate workflow and processes with sales order status
    – Increase efficiency with optimized search queries 

    Streamline Order Fulfillment
    – Automate processes to fulfill orders

    Gain Visibility
    – Insight tools into important performance data
    – Real-Time Data

    Integrated Accounting
    – Fully integrated with Accounts Payable/Receivable, General Ledger, and Account Reconciliation Spire Modules

  • Light Manufacturing

    Benefits of Spire for Manufacturing:
    Simplified Production Planning
    – Reduce Lead Times
    – Streamline and automate processes and and production

    Efficient Inventory Management
    – Accurate inventory tracking for quick replenishment

    Integrated Accounting
    – Fully integrated with Accounts Payable/Receivable, General Ledger, and Spire Accounts Reconciliation Modules
    -Access to all vendor history and info

    Improved Costing
    – Track raw materials, purchases, and labour cost
    – Set scrap and yield factors

    Better Insight
    – Real-time data
    – Insight into important indicators

  • Add-Ons


    Production Manager
    The Production Manager add-on lets you control inventory with accuracy, reduce unplanned expenses and improve cash flow. You can efficiently plan production from beginning to end and track progress with real-time information on raw materials, costs and production status.

    Automatically Create Production Orders From Sales Orders Automatically Create Production Orders From Shortages Automatically Create Purchase Orders For Shortages Create Subassemblies for a Single Product
    Customize Production Builds on the Fly Link Production Order to Sales Order Manage Production Phases With One Click Print Production Orders
    Print Production Schedule Track Work in Progress (WIP)

    Service Manager
    The Service Manager add-on will help improve customer satisfaction and increase the efficiency of your service business. This add-on gives you quick access to all service records, making it easy to track the history of each piece of equipment.

    Track Equipment by Customer View/Print Equipment Service History Set Follow-Up Dates Flexible Sorting of Parts and Labour Information
    Create Purchase Orders From Service Orders Link Purchase Orders To Service Orders Supports Multi-Word Search of All Records Automatic Shop Supplies

    Rental Manager
    A must-have for any rental business, the Rental Manager add-on is an efficient solution that allows you to create rental orders, track inventory and vary rental cycles by customer or product.

    Set, Create, and Track Rental Orders Track Rental Inventory Rent + Sell on the Same Invoice Multi-Warehouse Capability
    Quick Access To Customer History Allocate Serialized Rental Inventory Convert Quotes To Rental Orders Process Partial Returns

    Canadian Payroll
    Canadian businesses can now simplify their payroll processes with automatic calculation of provincial and federal deductions. Designed with an intuitive interface, this module allows you to easily view employee earnings, benefits, deductions and taxes from one screen.

    Automatic Calculation of Provincial and Federal Deductions Create CPA1464 File for Bank Upload Easy Entry of TImecards Import To Timecards
    Manage Vacation Pay Quick Access To Employee Records Supports Cheque Printing + Direct Deposit Supports Unlimited Employees

    User Defined Payroll
    User Defined Fields allows you to add custom fields to capture specialized information. Custom fields can be added to different modules throughout the Spire business management system and can be set as text fields, dropdown lists or checkboxes. It’s now easier to capture the information you need to manage your business.

Spire Modules
Core tools available in the Spire Solution. 

Accounts Payable

Bill of Materials

General Ledgers


Purchase History

Sales History

Accounts Receivable



Price Matrix

Purchase Orders

Sales Order

Account Reconciliation


Job Costing

Point of Sale



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