Securely Store Your Business Data

Are You Prepared?

Manage your security and protect your critical data. According to Cisco, 53% of all midmarket companies will be victim to a cyberattack; yet, “less than 50% of companies globally are sufficiently prepared for a cybersecurity attack.” As a Cisco Partner, Evron can help protect your most important tool-your data. We believe in a multi-layered approach that provides end-to-end security for your data and protects it from all the different places it can be corrupted from. This ensures complete safety for your business and your users. 

Multi-Layered Security

Layer One:

Firewall Security

Stop Threats Before They Breach Your Network.

Experience superior threat protection with our firewall security solution. Built on a multi-core hardware architecture, this service is scaleable and therefore able to meet the demands of mid-size networks and distribution companies. Evron’s firewall security with the power of Sonicwall has cloud based and on box capabilities including TLS/SSL decryption and inspection, application intelligence and control, Secure SD-WAN, real-time visualization and WLAN management.

Network Control + Flexibility

Single Point For Implementation, Setup, and Ongoing Management

Advanced Threat Protection
Real-Time breach prevention whereby suspicious files are held at the gate and analyzed by AI for malware. 

Re-assembly Free Deep Packet Inspection

Layer Two:

E-Mail Security

91 percent of cyber attacks start with an email.

Protect your business from e-mail borne attacks that result in loss productivity and revenue. From e-mail impersonations to spam, scammers have advanced their methods to corrupt your network. Let Evron give your e-mail the safety it needs. With Barracuda, you won’t have to compromise your business. Click the tabs below to learn more about its features. 

  • Enhanced Security for Office 365

    Office 365’s standard security features leave users vulnerable to phishing, zero-day exploits, and other email-borne attacks. Evron with Barracuda includes Advanced Threat Protection, a vital security layer that scans email attachments in most commonly used file formats and compares them against a cryptographic hash database. Files of unknown status are detonated in the Barracuda Cloud where behaviour is observed by AI and results are then recorded to stop it in other customers networks. Emails with harmful content is quarantined and users are notified.

    Virus Protection Spam Protection Anti-Phishing Link Protection
    URL Screening against fraudulent lookalikes of real sites Denial of Service Attack Prevention Automated Email Encryption Data Loss Prevention (screening sensitive content)




  • Cloud To Cloud Backup

    70 percent of all lost data is due to either accidental or malicious deletion of data by end-users. Solve this easily with Evron’s e-mail security which includes cloud to cloud backup– backing up and protecting all your Exchange Online emails, OneDrive for Business files, and SharePoint Online files and allowing for easy retrieval from the cloud.

    The measures taken to prevent permanent data loss are limited within Office 365. Eliminate the risk losing items from accidental deletion with Cloud to Cloud Backup. You can retain emails and files indefinitely in case users leave the organization unexpectedly, all without having to purchase additional licenses. Deleting inactive user accounts to free up Office 365 user licenses is just as quick and simple.

  • Archiving Service

    Archiving uses journaling and SMTP to capture and secure all email at the time it is sent and received. This ensures that an accurate, unmodified copy of every email sent and received will be stored outside of the production email environment, including details of all recipients for mail sent to distribution lists. No hardware or software is required to do this and archives can be accessed even via mobile. This is the single solution to archive e-mails and IM’s. Further, your data will be secured on encrypted cloud data centers. 

  • User Training

    We can help train your users to spot, avoid, and report real cyberattacks. Evron with Barracuda provides an interactive phishing simulation and security awareness training to help your team understand the different types of phishing scams and learn how to respond. With analysis and reports of your users results, we will be able to provide further education if needed. 


Layer Three:

Endpoint Security

Protect The Rest.

Endpoint protection, or endpoint security, is a general term that describes cybersecurity services for network endpoints, like laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, servers, and virtual environments. These services may include antivirus and antimalware, web filtering, and more.

Endpoint protection helps businesses keep critical systems, intellectual property, customer data, employees, and guests safe from ransomware, phishing, malware, and other cyberattacks.

Don’t Want To Become A Victim of Cybercrime?