Evron Royalty Management Suite

Music Royalty Accounting Software Specifically Designed for the Music Industry

A Solution That Hits All The Right Notes

Evron’s Royalty Management Suite (RMS) is a complete end-to-end music royalty accounting software for organizations managing music license fee processing, collection, and distribution of royalties.

RMS can be utilized to manage multiple rights in multiple geographic territories. This includes copyrights for intellectual property rights such as performing, reproduction and mechanical rights.

We provide functional support for live concerts, radio and TV broadcast usage, internet streaming, and foreign rights, with conflict and adjustment management. Virtually unlimited database sizes can be accommodated.

We have the features to address your challenges and potential requirements arising from volume growth and technology change. We can help you ensure that music users are licensed to play and rights owners receive proper distributions.

Built upon award-winning Epicor ERP and CRM software, RMS automates the full accounting process, including licensing, collection, calculation and distribution.

Streamline the invoicing and collection process


Reduce the risk of missed billings with data management for royalty accounting


Maintain a high level of member satisfaction with fingertip availability of the information you need


Reduce time by 90% for payment distribution


Make scheduled or on-demand payment distribution

Learn How Evron’s Royalty Management Solution Helped One of Canada’s Leading Music Licensing Company’s Streamline Their Process

Licensing Module

Includes defining and processing of multiple music usage types, generating music license invoices and adjustments. The advanced billing configurator can be used to create unlimited number of billing types with associated rules and attributes based on regulatory tariffs or other conventions.

Royalty Distribution

Sophisticated catalogue management for multiple work types including compositions, medleys and audiovisual works. Includes scheduled and on-demand payment distribution, multiple payment methods including EFT and fully-generated secure cheques.


Provides advanced case management capability for a full 360 degree view of membership claims, applications and queries. Highly developed workflow engine to allow assignment of membership representatives based on multiple parameters. You can track leads and convert to prospects and ultimately to clients based on configurable rules.

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