Handling time-off requests is not the most challenging task, but it certainly can be a tedious one. Between keeping track of employee sick days to changes in vacation submissions, all records must be organized using the right application. What better way to increase efficiency than streamline employee time records with your existing ERP system? 

Acumatica users now have the option to submit and review time-off requests in their ERP system with Evron’s Employee Time Off Manager (ETO) module. Mobile-enabled and accessible from a web browser and on any device, this Employee Self-Service application manages all paid and unpaid absences, including vacation, lieu, religious, and sick days. It also sends notification emails to both employees and managers at every step of the submission process so that all parties are on the same page.  

This means employees no longer have to call in or email notifying managers when they’re sick. Managers can approve, reject, and override requests without updating a spreadsheet or log into a third-party vacation tracker site.   

Employee Time Off Manager has everything you need in Acumatica. Some features include: 

Employee Profile Report 

Employee Profile is an easy way for employees to keep track of their time off. This report overviews how many days the employee is entitled to this year, how many they’ve accrued from last year, and how many were already taken. 

Employee Time Off Request Panel 

It’s never been easier to send in a time-off request! With this panel, you can submit a time-off request detailing the date period and type of leave (e.g., religious holiday, lieu day, etc.). It doesn’t allow your time-off to be double-booked, so there’s no need to worry about logging a personal or vacation day at the same time. Pending requests are “on hold” until the manager either approves or rejects them. They even can choose to add an explanation with their rejection. The approved days automatically show up in the Employee Time Off panel.  

Sick days are automatically approved because if you’re sick, you’re sick. As with every other submission, a notification email is sent to your manager so that you don’t have to.  

Came back early from vacation? No problem! Even after your request is approved, managers can override the submission and confirm the number of days you’ve actually been off. 

The Employee Time Off Request panel displays all your requests and their status so it’s easy to keep track.  

Time Off Types List 

Time off means so much more than vacation days, so our Time Off Types list considers various situations. You can send in time-off requests for religious, personal, sick, lieu, and of course, vacation days.  

Automated Email Notifications 

Automated email notifications eliminate the need to call the office when you’re sick or send a follow-up email about a submitted request. Every request automatically notifies the manager, who then can approve or reject it, triggering a confirmation email to the employee. 

Employee Time Off Manager Dashboard 

Not sure if your coworker is off sick or back from vacation? This pane is a quick way to see who is absent today without inquiry. 

Employee Time Off Calendar 

Managers have the option to share the company-wide Employee Time Off Calendar so employees can better coordinate team projects and meetings. This colour-coded calendar displays statutory holidays and all employee time off that’s been approved.  

Time Card Option 

Filling in time cards can be exhausting, but HR no longer needs to dedicate time to this task. Our add-on populates time cards based on confirmed requests in the ETO application. It’s so simple! 


Evron’s ETO module provides dynamic and practical functionality and presents numerous benefits to your company. 

ETO enhances workflow by eliminating miscommunication and unnecessary follow-up conversations between employees and managers. All submissions are recorded so it’s easy to reference.  

Because it’s added into Acumatica, its seamless integration makes it easy to set up, use, and access. It can be accessed from a web browser and on any device so that you can review your Employee Profile and Time Off Request panel wherever you are. 

To learn more, visit our Acumatica page or speak to a consultant.