Spire has recently launched their 3.6 edition, featuring updates to core functions, credit card processing, payroll, and admin, as well as two new components — Spire Cloud and web modules. 

Core Functions 

Spire 3.6 offers greater speed and improved user experience. Some new features include: 

  • Warnings for unreconciled transactions
  • Open inventory firm requisitions
  • Location filter on sales order and history
  • Foreign currency button to edit general ledger account
  • Sales order line costs that are manually edited are highlighted in yellow
  • Warehouse location to inventory count

Credit Card Processing 

Payfirma integration now has pre-authorization, the option to keep a credit card on their file securely, and the ability to update Spire customer information in the Payfirma Portal. 


This application has several additions to customize and simplify payroll. They include: 

  • A display warning if tables are not current
  • Definable pay types
  • Options to pay field in timecard to assist with the tax on commission calculation 
  • PD27E: add report to assist with calculating temporary wage subsidy for CRA
  • COVID subsidy calculation on T4


Aimed to simplify reports and secure data, this update: 

  • Supports bulk upload of reports
  • Gives the option to create a zip file with all data
  • Schedules snapshots
  • Enables versioned views for reports (whichdon’t break when updating/upgrading) 
  • Centralizes image and attachment handling at the server