Spire has recently launched their 3.8.2 edition, featuring updates to core functions, desktop improvements, CRM, inventory, shipping, new reports,  and much more.

Core Functions 

  • Add the ability to add an unlimited number of Contacts to Addresses
  • Add Budgets and Forecasts module
  • Add options to Copy Order from Sales History
  • Add Total Current Cost to Edit Inventory Components tab
  • Add Tracking support to Sales Orders Shipping, add tracking URL to Shipping methods
  • Show Inventory colour in Sales Orders and Sales History Items tabs
  • Add ability to Select All or none in Inventory copy

New Reports

  • Budgets and Forecasts – new sample report
  • Income Statement compared to Budget – new report
  • Income Statement compared to Forecast – new report

 Want to learn more about Spire Systems and see how these features will help you manage your business?  Contact us today for a demonstration.