If you already use an ERP, you don’t need to read again how vital this tool is for running your business. Everything for the company is managed by an ERP system, from orders to supply chain tracking to inventories and everything in between. Most companies, however, do not want to consider the notion that they have outgrown their present ERP solution for a variety of reasons. This article will cover areas where you can know if you’ve genuinely outgrown their ERP system.

If any of the five indicators stated below apply to your company, it’s time to upgrade your present ERP system.

Not Reporting in Real-Time

If your ERP doesn’t allow you to access real-time data, your chances of making a mistake skyrocket. It’s all too easy to make mistakes when you can’t see what’s happening at any given time. Worse, it prevents you from correcting problems before they become catastrophic.

If creating a report takes longer than a lunch break, your file sizes (and hence your company’s data) are too large for your current system to handle.

Manual Data Entry & Processes

Are you for your staff manually adding data from other reports, orders, sales, and so on into your system? Both your team and your ERP are working excessively hard and sub-optimally. You’ll need a system that can pull data from the Internet and other IoT devices and populate it automatically.

Did you know on average it is estimated 60% of time data entry teams are spend is used on cleaning and organizing data.

System out of Alignment and Limits on Scalability

For system harmony and complete visibility, your system should meet your unique business needs and requirements, and an effective ERP system will allow you to do so. If you ever wish you could do something with your software, your ERP is most likely holding you back.

Your ERP should also be able to scale to meet your company’s needs and growth goals. If you cannot have complete oversight into real-time data or put, your ERP system should empower your business, not limit its growth.

Challenging To Make Informed Decisions

If the restrictions of your ERP have ever prevented you from getting the information you need to make the informed decisions you need to make, you’ve outgrown it. No software should ever be a hindrance to your business.

Too Many Disconnected Systems  

Does your team use various tools, systems, and software to keep track of clients, shipments, orders, vendors, and so on? The different disconnected technology and solutions you are using are likely causing headaches with data out of sync. Your ERP system should be able to take care of everything.

In Closing

Did you recognize any of these warning flags? If you do, there is room for improvement with your existing business and accounting software. Contact us today to learn more about what a new ERP system can accomplish for your company.