ShipStation offers an unmatched delivery management experience which can now be leveraged by Spire software. Evron’s ShipStation integration offers Spire users the opportunity to streamline their shipment process with the rest of their ERP system. From importing orders to automating email notifications to customers about their shipment status, this integration enables Spire users to maximize their workflow, improve customer experience, and manage all order dispatches with just a few clicks.

Benefits of Evron’s ShipStation Integration with Spire ERP 

  • Easy Setup
    • Remotely set up integration within a few hours
    • Connect directly to major carriers (including Canada Post, Canpar, DHL, FedEx, Purolator, and UPS)
    • Access application from a web browser and various device
  • Faster Processing
    • Import orders from Spire ERP to ShipStation automatically 
    • Track inventory and manage orders all in one place 
    • Eliminate data entry errors and reduce clicks with automated order information
    • Create labels with all your carriers 
    • Automatically record shipment data and tracking information
  • Connect with Customers
    • Place your brand on emails, packing slips, shipping labels, tracking pages and returns portals to promote brand awareness
    • Send customers an automated notification email linked to a branded tracking page
  • Save Money
    • Get discounted rates with every plan
    • Compare services using ShipStation’s shipping calculator
    • Try a free 30-day trial

New Feature: Email Notifications 

Evron has recently added sending customer contact email associated with a sales order to be sent to ShipStation, This new email notification feature updates customers about their shipment status. This means that Spire ERP users no longer need to worry about manually importing, tracking, and sending shipment information to customers which can be tedious and open to errors.

Exceed customers’ expectations with automated email notifications that link to a branded tracking page.

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Try a free 30-day trial or speak to a consultant to learn more.