Evron is excited to share its latest Acumatica module, EFT Receivables for Acumatica. This new feature pairs with the Canadian EFT Payables for Acumatica that Evron released in 2020.

You asked and we listened. Acumatica customers in Canada were missing out on an Electronic Funds Transfer option when managing payments through the platform. This was unfortunate because Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) is safer than cheques, faster, and enables users to complete bulk payments. You can learn more about the benefits of EFT here. Evron created the first EFT solution for Canadian Acumatica users.

Once you arrange Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) with your customers, you’re off to the races! Evron’s EFT Receivables module will help you collect payments from your customers on time and accurately with little work on your part. Set up a one-time collection or recurring payments so customers are billed and charged automatically.

Other benefits of EFT Receivables for Acumatica are:

  1. Streamline Acumatica AR payment receipts using Electronic Funds Transfer
  2. Reduce costs through increased automation and improved efficiency
  3. Reduce error by avoiding duplicate data entry
  4. Automatic generation of electronic file based on formats currently accepted by Canadian Banks
  5. Automatic notifications and remittance advice sent to recipients
  6. Embedded as part of the Acumatica framework
  7. Quick installation

As a Gold Certified Acumatica Partner, our job is to streamline your business. Part of that is creating solutions that inhibit the need to use multiple siloed software to complete simple tasks that are critical to your business. We have some of the best Acumatica ERP Consultants and Acumatica ERP Developers on staff. Implementing EFT Receivables means you can truly meet all your business needs on one single ERP platform.


 See everything you need to know about the new EFT Receivables add-on and how it works below:

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