From digital enhancement to business agility Acumatica’s new release 2022 R1 has you the user in mind. Acumatica Cloud ERP has become the world’s fastest-growing business management solution by prioritizing customer satisfaction and support. That shows in the new features and benefits of the latest release. The focus for the enhancements came as part of three pillars of focus:

In this, we will cover what was announced at Acumatica Summit 2022 about what is new in Acumatica 2022 R1.

Work Smart on the Go

Making it easier to do business from anywhere, anytime is one of the key values of using an integrated Cloud ERP. Acumatica is embracing the transformation of how we all work and has added new features to enhance and enable users to work on the go.

Now you can access expense reporting, time, attendance, and more with the native Acumatica mobile app. The new innovative and intuitive UI allows you to tailor your workspace both in the office and on the go. Now you can set favourites to keep the metrics, KPIs, reports, and more front and center on your device.

With the advancements of AI and machine learning, Acumatica is working on anomaly detection and a validation workflow for GL transactions before they are released. This feature will provide an extra level of security and peace of mind for catching errors.

“Commitment of capabilities — Access anytime Anywhere – get more done – growing your business” – Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, EVP, Product Management and CSO

Global Markets

In the ever-connected world, doing business beyond your region or even county is becoming a norm. With this new release, Acumatica is enabling businesses to be hyper-competitive with foreign markets with the recently launched French-Canadian, and upcoming UK localization. Acumatica has partnered with ISVs to provide localization support in Mexico.

For the financials and CRM, there are a handful of new features for businesses to stay up to date with entities that span multiple countries providing real-time reporting across all.

With the simplified event scheduling and powerful case management capabilities employees can now work smarter and not harder, increasing productivity and having access to the right documents at the right time.

Canadian Acumatica users now have access to automate and process Payroll with Acumatica. All Acumatica customers using Payroll will be able to access new dashboards and view real-time interactive analytics.

Staying Focused with Industry Editions

Acumatica recognizes that each vertical has its own set of unique business requirements and processes. Acumatica has listened to the community and has added new functionality and optimized some existing features to make the experience for all best.

For The Distributors, Retailers and eCommerce Businesses

With the new release, Acumatica has introduced Blanket Sales orders which will simplify and streamline the sales order process for customers with long-term sales agreements.

Running an eCommerce store with Amazon? You will be happy to know that there is a new native eCommerce Amazon connector for FBA and FBM. This will enable you to establish a stronger presence on the marketplace and set your sales into hyper-drive.

“Retail today is everything to everyone – whatever you want when you want it.” – Josh Fisher – Retail Commerce Edition

For the Manufactures

There have been developments with more out-of-the-box dashboards. These role-based dashboards for manufacturing operations, production management, and engineering will provide the actionable and real-time insights you need.

Additional new features to this edition are production control points streamline data entry for milestone operations. The ability to finish, move, and queue times improve scheduling precision. Streamline your procurement processes with MRP Order Policy with consolidated demand planning.

For Construction and Service

In an effort to simplify and streamline construction and service operation this release has added the ability to customize progress billing by quantity such as linear footage, square footage, to name a few. This will reduce the project owner’s risk while allowing customers to meet their unique business needs.

Updates to project cost and revenue tax zones to simplify tax calculations for projects. Now you will be able to use drop-ship workflows which will connect to change orders and improve business workflows while allowing users to manage change orders easily.

Acumatica has simplified the service contract renewals to optimize and streamline business workflows. And lastly access to user-defined fields on the service contract and equipment forms to improve usability and add flexibility for unique business scenarios.

In Closing

Ali Jani, chief product officer said “Agility has become critical for business success and survival – enabling companies to forge through disruption and emerge savvier on the other side. Companies can leverage Acumatica’s innovative platform to modernize analog processes and remain on the cutting edge.” and we cannot agree more. If you are considering upgrading to the latest version or considering switching to Acumatica we are here to enable you with those updates and upgrades. We are your business agility partner. Contact us today to learn more about Acumatica and how you can implement these new features.