Are you currently using Acumatica or considering moving your ERP to this solution?  We have news for you.  The new release for Acumatica 2021 R2 is now available.  This version is packed with time-saving processes, automation, integrations, and much more.

About Acumatica

Acumatica is a cloud ERP solution that’s tailored to your business needs and ready to evolve with your growing business—a true cloud platform built to integrate with the way you work, with technology that connects your business across time and distance.

What You Can Expect with Acumatica 2021 R2


The new personalization features take configuration and customization to a new level. Now you will be able to significantly reduce time spent finding actions and reports through a consolidated toolbar and automate complex business processes without programming.  You can customize it for your unique business requirements.

Automation & Workflows

React faster and easier to data changes by creating tasks from business events, and boost productivity by automating administrative tasks and triggering notifications when key activities occur.


In the 2021 R2 update Acumatica has announced two integral tools for hybrid work environments integrations with Microsoft Teams and Adobe Document Cloud.  With the Microsoft Teams integration, you will be able to access the communication and collaboration features of Teams from directly within Acumatica, without switching between platforms.  Which will streamline collaboration and communication among teams and departments.  Use the Adobe Document Cloud integration to annotate, highlight, comment on PDF documents, and save updated versions with an audit trail and version control – all without leaving Acumatica.

Some Notable Features & Benefits based on Industry within Acumatica 2021 R2 release:

Financials, CRM, and Payroll

  • Boost efficiency when managing AR refunds with open balances
  • Improve accuracy and financial visibility by enhancing AP/AR balance reporting
  • Simplify reconciliation by matching bank transactions to multiple receipts and disbursements

Distribution and Manufacturing

  • Inventory up-sell, cross-sell, and substitutions for increased sales
  • Decrease picking time with the Paperless Picking
  • Improve fill rates and on-time order fulfillment with item substitutions
  • Optimize stocking levels and locations using deadstock reports
  • Enable traceability of raw materials and components to finished goods for improved quality control and traceability with Preassigned Lot/Serial


  • Project reclassification for easier correction of cost code entry errors
  • Streamline billing and improve flexibility by configuring service contract billing for the start of each period
  • Reduce clicks to upgrade efficiency while adding inventory and tracking time via a mobile device

For more information about Acumatica 2021 R2 or how we can get you upgraded to the newest release, contact us today.  Looking for additional information about Acumatica? Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content.