Acumatica, the winner of the SIIE CODiE “Best ERP Solution in 2021” Award, has recently announced some of the 2021 R2 features during their Summit 2021 in Las Vegas.

With a prime focus on digital resiliency, Acumatica’s latest update maximizes usability through seamless personalization and expands functionality with partnership applications. Below, we’ve highlighted a few 2021 R2 features that’ll improve the way you do business:

Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams is more popular than ever, jumping up to 145 million users this year. This application, which has become essential for remote and hybrid work models, can be conveniently accessed within Acumatica with the 2021 R2 release. This means that meetings, internal and external calls can be conducted within your ERP system!

Adobe PDF

Acumatica 2021 R2 update will enable users to make changes directly onto PDFs! With Adobe PDF application embedded into the ERP system, document changes (previous as well as active versions) will be saved directly in Acumatica. This includes annotations, copy edits, and drawings.

CRM and SendGrid Email

With the SendGrid email integration in 2021 R2, Acumatica users can improve email tracking, deliverability, and scalability. This includes providing automatic unsubscribe links and noting open rates. All this information can be viewed on the ERP dashboard, displaying real-time engagement and results.

Acumatica 2021 R2 Production Order

Acumatica 2021 R2 Email Stats

Images taken from Acumatica Summit 2021

Dashboard Usability

The 2021 R2 update presents a new dashboard design that optimizes usability and visually maps out the sales team’s goals and activities. This includes the new needle tiles which display performance to a goal, and users can drill down to see the source of the data with a single click. Designed to be dynamic, this widget can be adjusted as your business goals change and can be color coded. Another addition is the funnel tiles display which highlights stages of opportunities.

Acumatica 2021 R2 dashboardImage taken from Acumatica Summit 2021

But the updated dashboard goes beyond visuals. The tables can be filtered in an excel-like fashion to display the highest-lowest balances or sort information by date. Acumatica toolbars can be customized by selecting options as a “favorite” so that it is added as a button. Buttons can also be colour coded to mark the next logical step.

Acumatica 2021 R2 Shipment Order

Image taken from Acumatica Summit 2021

Distribution and Retail Commerce

The distribution and retail industry has gone through significant changes last year, and many have seen growth. Acumatica’s partnership with BigCommerce and Shopify streamlines data from purchases to shipping, increasing efficiency and eliminating double data entry.

Orders and customer information submitted on your e-commerce website are automatically processed into Acumatica, and all product price changes can be done directly through your ERP system. Adding related items or personalization options to particular products on your website can also be done within Acumatica, enabling you to personalize the customer experience.

Acumatica 2021 R2 Retail E-CommerceImage taken from Acumatica Summit 2021

Manufacturing and Construction

From inspection failure to identify a problem, Acumatica offers traceability of what caused a particular issue and outlines how new projects impact the current schedule and priorities.

With the 2021 R2 release, users can assign appointments for a service technician to go out on site which then they can then access project details through their mobile device when in on-site. Technicians have the option to take pictures on-site and log it into the system.

Users can also pre-assign lot and serial numbers on production orders so managers and technicians can reference what components need to be purchased for a particular project and have it delivered directly to the site — saving time and money!

Acumatica 2021 R2 Manufacturing Construction MenusImage taken from Acumatica Summit 2021


In the last year, Acumatica has put out about 900 features in payroll; in the 2021 R2 release, they’ve added more depth in 2021 R2, including new operational and employee dashboards where they can see status and paycheques. This release also ensures faster performance and offers timely responses when customer support is needed.


From enhanced performance to extended functionality, the 2021 R2 edition has a lot to offer!

Acumatica 2021 R2 SummaryImage taken from Acumatica Summit 2021

Acumatica is continuously incorporating emerging technology to help future-proof your business.

To learn more about Acumatica or to request a demo, please contact a consultant.