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Cybercriminals’ attacks have become more sophisticated as they learn to trick employees into clicking on malicious links. Expertise in recognizing phishing and spreading cybersecurity awareness is crucial because 85 percent of data breaches involve human error. Learn the signs of a phishing email and how to counter the most common forms of online attacks in this month’s newsletter.

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Phishing emails have been used for decades by cybercriminals to steal valuable data and cause organizational chaos. 36% of data breaches in 2021 involved phishing attacks. Phishing strategies have improved over time to become more sophisticated. Find out how to recognize some of the most common types of phishing attacks and protect yourself from falling prey to them.

Phishing enables cyber criminals to collect your information to acquire access to your secure system for monetary gain. 81% of organizations around the world have experienced an increase in email phishing attacks since March 2020. In our article, we show how you can spot a phishing email.