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Welcome to our comprehensive February newsletter, where we merge the best of both worlds – the latest advancements in ERP systems and essential cybersecurity measures. Whether you’re exploring options like Acumatica and Spire or seeking ways to fortify your business against digital threats, this edition is packed with insights and tools for every savvy business professional.

As GenAI reshapes the cybersecurity landscape, staying one step ahead of sophisticated ransomware attacks is crucial. Join us on March 6th, to understand the evolving nature of ransomware and learn key strategies for robust defense. We’ll cover essential cyber hygiene, the benefits of Cybersecurity-as-a-Service, and what to look for in a service provider. This webinar is vital for ensuring your organization is equipped to quickly and effectively respond to ransomware threats. Sign up now to transform your approach to cybersecurity.

In our recent blog post, we unwrap the innovations revealed at Acumatica Summit 2024. This event was not just a showcase of new features but a glimpse into the future of how businesses will operate. From advanced integrations to transformative capabilities, read how these updates are setting a new standard in the ERP landscape and what they mean for your business. Dive into our blog for an exclusive look at the future, today.

If you missed our live session, now’s your chance to catch the on-demand webinar! Discover how Velixo revolutionizes reporting, budgeting, and automation within Acumatica. Learn from experts as they demonstrate how to leverage Excel alongside Acumatica, turning complex data tasks into simple, efficient processes. This webinar is an essential resource for anyone looking to elevate their data management and decision-making capabilities. Watch now to transform how you interact with Acumatica.

Managing payroll can be complex, but with Spire, it’s easier than you think. Their latest video guide takes you through the process of preparing T4 statements efficiently. Whether you’re printing, emailing forms to employees, or submitting them to the CRA, we’ve got you covered. This step-by-step tutorial ensures accuracy and compliance, making your year-end payroll tasks hassle-free. Watch now to enhance your payroll management with Spire and stay compliant with ease.