What’s New in Acumatica 2023 R1

On-Demand Webinar

Are you ready to discover the amazing new features of Acumatica 2023 R1?

In this video, you will learn valuable insights from Brian Cohen, Senior Consultant at Evron, and Quentin Tadman, Account Manager at Evron, both will guide you through the highlights of Acumatica 2023 R1 and the new integration with Microsoft Teams

Whether you are a business owner, a CFO, a CTO, a CEO, a sales or IT leader, or someone who is thinking about upgrading to Acumatica 2023 R1, this is the right video for you.

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About Acumatica

Acumatica is the fastest-growing cloud ERP in the market and the leading innovator in distribution, manufacturing, eCommerce, and construction.

Acumatica provides a complete, mobile-enabled, cloud-based construction and accounting software solution. Which includes financials, job cost accounting, project management, payroll, inventory, order management, service management, CRM, mobile, and more. 

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