How to Excel with Velixo: Reporting, Budgeting and Automation for Acumatica

On-Demand Webinar

Join Gabriel Michaud, founder of Velixo, and his colleague Samuel Robitaille in this insightful webinar hosted by Evron. Dive into the powerful capabilities of Velixo as it integrates with Acumatica, enhancing Excel’s functionality for reporting, budgeting, and automation.

Discover how Velixo solves common challenges with manual spreadsheets, offers real-time data access, smart drill-down functions, and seamless integration with Acumatica. Experience firsthand demonstrations of Velixo’s features, including project reporting, data retrieval, and advanced Excel functions.

Whether you are an Excel beginner or a power user, this webinar will unveil new ways to streamline your financial processes and make the most out of your Acumatica ERP system.

Additional Links & Resources:

  • Velixo How To’s: Dive deeper into the functionalities of Velixo with these comprehensive guides. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to expand your skills, these tutorials are a treasure trove of information.
  • Velixo Templates: Get a head start on your reporting and budgeting tasks with these ready-to-use Velixo templates. Designed to streamline your workflow, these templates can be easily integrated into your current systems.

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About Velixo


Velixo is a powerful reporting solution designed for Acumatica users and built by Acumatica experts. It enhances the core reporting and budgeting experience within Acumatica through its proprietary Excel add-in, real-time querying engine, purpose-built functions, and integrated exploration features.

Designed for any company, in any industry, that leverages Microsoft Excel.

  • Keep all the functionality of Microsoft Excel and super charge it!
  • Easy-to-use! Train in a day.
  • Refreshable reports at a click of a button.
  • Truthful data: fully synced with Acumatica and in real-time.
  • Unlimited users – unparalleled performance & scalability.  

“If you know Excel, you can use Velixo!”

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