What is Construction Technology?

Contrary to popular belief, construction technology is not an oxymoron. Yes, the construction industry is known for being technologically resistant. Still, the fact is, that construction companies are increasingly investing in innovative technologies. A Deloitte study on engineering and construction industry trends in 2023 notes:

While the E&C sector has been historically slow to integrate and adopt digital technologies, industry players are now increasingly paying attention to and leveraging emerging technologies. Most E&C companies are utilizing digital technologies to expand business opportunities and boost profits by reducing costs in the long run and enhancing project execution.

This tells us that smart, innovative construction companies are enhancing their standing in a very competitive market by leveraging construction technology—which, as defined by Indeed, is a “collection of various tools, applications, software and machinery that companies use during the various phases of a construction project,” including “automated and semi-automated construction equipment.” This technology is changing what 21st century construction job sites look like.

Job Sites in the 21st Century

Once populated with project managers performing manual inspections and taking notes on paper-filled clipboards, job sites have undergone a major transformation. Project managers now routinely use construction technology, such as mobile devices, site sensors, and drones, to effectively monitor activities, automate workflows, and review working conditions. And, often, they’re performing these and other critical tasks offsite.

With construction technology implementation, project managers—and every employee, from the top down and bottom up—have access to a variety of tools that can make their lives much easier and each construction project more successful. The following presents three examples of these tools and what they can do.

Predictive Analytics

Many industries use predictive analytics to identify future outcomes by examining historical data. As Investopedia explains, predictive analytics allows “businesses and investors to adjust where they use their resources to take advantage of possible future events” while also improving operational efficiencies, reducing risk, managing inventory, developing marketing strategies, forecasting sales, improving safety, and more.

To get these benefits, construction companies need to implement technology that can gather, store, and synchronize reams of data, such as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. The right ERP solution uses embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities to process huge amounts of data and detect patterns humans do not see easily.

Predictive analytics helps construction teams understand their current position, future direction, and make data-driven decisions.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the process of taking computer-generated images and “superimposing” those images into the real world through smart applications and devices. For construction professionals, one of the best uses of augmented reality is developing a building plan and revealing it to their stakeholders in real-life detail, including projecting the building onto its future site and giving tours of the final product before it’s constructed.

In addition to providing prospective clients with comprehensive, 3D plans, the benefits of augmented reality include:

  • Tracking project progress.
  • Training workers remotely.
  • Enhancing safety.

For construction companies, augmented reality is the step between plans on paper and a finished project. Buildings can now be placed in the “real world” before ground is even broken—all through the power of construction technology.

Office/Team Communication and Collaboration

Construction technology—like industry-specific cloud ERP software—optimizes construction team communication and collaboration.

Teams working in the office, on-site, and anywhere in-between have historically struggled with timely communication. For example, when a client asks a question or makes a request of an on-site team member, that team member must relay the question to the supervisor, who then must confirm the answer from the powers that be in the office. It’s a slow, painful process that can be eliminated with an ERP solution’s mobile applications, personalized dashboards, and real-time notifications, which allow information—including requests and change orders—to be distributed instantly.

Also, with cloud ERP construction technology, all data pertaining to resource management, scheduling, finance, project management, and more are integrated within one updated and accurate database, giving every team member access to up-to-the-minute information. This first-hand knowledge increases productivity and impresses clients.

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