In the dynamic realm of eCommerce, delivering an exceptional customer experience is crucial. This experience is shaped by each customer interaction with your business—from browsing your site to the moment they receive their orders. Crucially, the efficiency of your shipping and the flexibility of your return policies play a pivotal role in shaping these impressions.

Optimizing Shipping Costs with Intelligent Solutions:

High shipping costs often deter potential customers. To address this, employing a platform like ShipStation can minimize shipping expenses by comparing rates from various carriers, ensuring you offer the best price to your customers. Offering a free shipping option can significantly boost customer retention, as studies indicate that 75% of shoppers expect free shipping for orders under $50. If offering widespread free shipping isn’t feasible, consider incorporating shipping costs into product prices or setting a minimum purchase threshold for free shipping, which can also increase the average order value.

Enhancing Delivery Options:

While free shipping is highly attractive, many customers are willing to pay for faster delivery. Providing expedited shipping options caters to those who value speed, potentially expanding your market reach.

Streamlining Shipping with Automation:

Automating your shipping process reduces human error and operational overhead. Tools like ShipStation automate label creation and carrier selection based on predefined criteria such as order weight or destination, significantly speeding up the dispatch process.

Returns Management

Efficient handling of returns solidifies customer trust and encourages repeat business. Offering free or low-cost returns and extending the return window can greatly enhance customer satisfaction. Transparently communicating your return policies at checkout will help manage customer expectations and reduce potential conflicts.

Leverage Technology for Seamless Operations

Utilizing platforms like ShipStation not only optimizes cost and delivery efficiency but also ensures that orders are processed and shipped swiftly. This integration allows for managing orders across multiple sales channels, providing a cohesive view of operations and enabling better decision-making.


Investing in a robust shipping process is crucial for maintaining competitive edge and customer satisfaction in eCommerce. By leveraging advanced tools like ShipStation, businesses can enhance operational efficiency, offer better shipping options, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

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This article is provided in collaboration with Claire Sanford at ShipStation and has been updated May 2024. Learn more about how Evron integrates with ShipStation to streamline your eCommerce operations on our dedicated page.