A recent survey showed that over 80% of B2B customers would sever ties to a business if customer service is not at par with their expectations. Whether or not your B2B can meet your customer’s needs is a driving force behind your organization’s success. For a typical B2B, making a sale takes time and effort. Paying attention to your customers’ wants helps you achieve points, increased customer loyalty, and profitability.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is essential to manage and meet your customer’s needs efficiently. This software included in ERP systems like Acumatica and Spire allows you to stay connected to your customer from conception onwards. A CRM is a repository of all your customer’s data and information.

Customer data is invaluable. A CRM offers insight into your customer’s habits that you otherwise would not have access to. Understand and track all components of your customers. Here are a few core features of a CRM:

  • Send emails from CRM so emails to customers are filed on their contact page for easy reference
  • See what a customer has purchased and when
  • Predictive analysis on customer behavior
  • Unlock analytics that makes sense of customer data
  • Easily answer customer questions and concerns through Tickets
  • Make notes on a contact’s needs and any other particular information you want to remember to make your next call more impactful and successful
  • Centralize customer data to help with sales and marketing strategy
  • Easy access to data to help resolve customer issues
  • Upload customer-centric documents for quick attachment

A CRM can help a business in every department: from sales and marketing to product development. Know your customers inside and out and deliver on their needs. You can also measure more KPIs using a CRM, allowing you to develop a more informed business strategy. Some KPIs include cost per acquisition and turnover time; this software helps you analyze important information instantaneously.

Rewards Program

A customer loyalty program is great for accomplishing one thing. You guessed it— increasing customer loyalty. CRM software helps you learn which customers are your most loyal, enabling you to easily gift them rewards for patronizing your business. Advertising this to prospects and casual customers will encourage them to engage with your business more and make it more valuable than a competitor’s.

Learn more about the ERPs that make CRM a core part of their system. Our recommendations are Acumatica and Spire.