On March 1, Team 6514, a team of students from a school 2 hours North of Toronto, confidently walked through the doors of Durham College with a 120 pound robot led by their Evron mentor. This was the day their robot would compete in Canada’s largest high school robotics competition. Continue reading below the video. 


Over the last 6 weeks these students from Sutton District High School worked with mentors and teachers to build this robot from scratch. It’s no small feat, especially when the team couldn’t have existed just a short 3 years ago.

The school resides in a region comprised of students from vastly different socio-economic circumstances, causing hesitation to mandate extracurriculars like the Robotics Team. Working with limited resources, the school of 515 students was missing an opportunity to connect classroom learning to the real world in a meaningful way. Eventually, things kicked into gear.

Rob Sperian, a Senior Developer here at Evron Computers, volunteered his time to Team 6514 with school teachers to develop the programming and digital literacy necessary for the team. Building these foundational skills started basic and progressed into combining concepts to build a whole robot meant for competition.

Team 6514’s hard work, determination to succeed, and unique experiences caught the attention of Microsoft. Microsoft’s sponsorship made the powerful team even stronger as they could now access better resources.

Sutton District’s Robotics Team continues to persist with the support of Microsoft and Evron. We are so proud of the students and everything they’ve accomplished.

At Evron, we believe that responsible technology is a key part of solving challenges from a small business to global scale. As such, investing in resources that provide a sandbox for today’s youth to play and learn with technology is important to us. A safe space to get real world skills empowers students and opens doors to countless career opportunities.