Our long partnership with Epicor ascended to a new level. Evron is now certified to host Epicor ERP on its premises for our clients. This news is particularly special because it makes Evron the first Epicor partner in the country to offer this service.

You might be asking yourself: So? What does this mean for my business? Hosting Epicor on a reliable IT provider’s server rather than your own is actually advantageous for you. Let’s lay out some of the reasons.

Hosting It Yourself

When you purchase Epicor for on-premise, you open yourself to a load of pros and cons. The pro being you get to control your own system and take care of your security independent of what is happening on Epicor’s servers. On the flip side, the cost of maintaining the system is high. You’ve probably noticed your IT team is constantly working on patching up the system or needing to purchase new supplies to keep it running smoothly. Of course, this is only if you have an IT team big enough to handle this and all your other IT troubles.

For smaller organizations, hosting Epicor on their own is costly and time-consuming. Your IT team is often sacrificing work on other parts of the business that are equally important to your growth. Any kind of negligence of your on-prem system means security threats and interference with your employee’s work. You get the picture— on-prem can quickly lead to an overwhelmed SMB.

Outsourcing Hosting To An IT Expert

When you turn to an expert IT provider like Evron to host Epicor, your team can relax and start working on other priorities. Your partner can monitor it, patch it, do any of the tunings needed to keep your ERP working efficiently without downtime. We can also ensure that your employees have 24/7 access to the network so your remote workers never lose touch with critical business data.

Responding To COVID-19

Right now, you need to scale your system so you can support not only a handful of remote workers, but your entire office that has gone remote due to COVID-19. Using a third-party host allows you to scale up quickly without the extra cost of maintenance and hardware. This service also allows you to open up virtualization to your desktop as well, giving your employees the ability to access other files saved in your office network from their homes.

Remove the cost of purchasing servers and space when you use a third-party host. Our servers are secure and our hardware is best-in-class. You can expect your ERP to be faster and more stable if you’re currently working off older hardware. With a flat package rate, you can be on your way to using a better and stronger Epicor.

Take out the work from on-premise solutions like Epicor and leave it to an entire company dedicated to IT to handle it. Contact us now.

You can learn more about our data hosting services here.