This past month, some of us attended the Epicor Insights 2019 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Insights is the world’s largest conference for Epicor customers, and provides the thousands of clients attending with interactive workshops and educational experiences. The entertainment was pretty fantastic too, and was a great opportunity for us to talk to some old and some new friends. Didn’t attend? Here are some of the things you missed:

1. Otis Quinn, IT Director at Re:Sound and an Epicor client of ours, gave a compelling presentation about the case for upgrading to Epicor ERP’s latest release. View his testimonial about Epicor here.

epicor insights lunch

2. Mandalay Bay was bursting with innovative thinking. We saw some cool innovation around BarTender and how the company has used this solution to significantly improve communication across plants. BarTender no longer means just labels, they are plant whisperers as well.

3. Howard Schultz, former Starbucks CEO, came in to the conference for an interview. His stories captured the attention of his audience; he really is an amazing motivator. From growing up in public-housing, to running a multi-billion dollar company and pioneering programs like comprehensive healthcare, stock ownership, and free college tuition for its employees, Schultz was a gem to listen to.

Photo by Wade Vandervort                                                                                     Photo by Wade Vandervort at Las Vegas Sun

4. Epicor ERP’s future is its new and revolutionary Kinetic User Interface. The framework was prominent and shows great potential. Not yet pervading the Core ERP, but the promise is there. Looks great on the new scheduling board and MES.

5. The Epicor User Group (EUG), a membership we highly recommend for all users, also had a fantastic presentation. A reminder the cost of this membership is recovered within the first visit to the Insights Conference. EUG members receive a discount at Insights equal to half the membership fee. 

6. This year’s final party was a departure from past years, but it was nevertheless fun. Flo Rida we hear is a big deal, and was better than we expected. Chief Product and Technological Officer, Himanshu Palsule even came out and performed a rap about Epicor.

himanshu epicor

All in all, we had a great time and are excited with what’s to come in the next year for Epicor. We hope to see you at Insights next year in Nashville!