You’ll either be investing in ERP for the first time—to replace software silos that are holding your business back—or you’re looking to replace legacy ERP technology that isn’t flexible, scalable, or advanced enough to support your digital transformation and growth plans.

With ERP software increasingly becoming the backbone of modern manufacturing operations, you need a solution fit for the factory of the future. To provide evidence for Epicor ERP, we commissioned a study by Forrester Consulting to give you a framework for measuring the many benefits Epicor ERP can deliver.

This eBook presents the key results from the study. In it you will:

  • XXLearn about Forrester Consulting’s methodology for the study
  • XXDelve into the capabilities of Epicor ERP that can give a typical manufacturing customer a return on investment (ROI) of 264% over three years
  • XXDiscover the important role of cross-enterprise visibility and insight in realizing this ROI

It’s just as much about giving people greater visibility—through access to information that previously wasn’t readily available, including insight into what is happening downstream and upstream from their own jobs.

It’s this enhanced visibility that helps businesses:

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