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Swidget Customer Story

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While developing smarter modular smart home devices, Swidget relied on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and NetSuite for their accounting. However, it became clear to their CEO, Cam Wilson, that they couldn’t continue to grow their business and develop new and more complicated products while using their existing ERP and BPO firm. As a result, Swidget knew they needed a cloud ERP that would enable and support their growth. Acumatica Cloud ERP was their number one choice. By choosing Acumatica, they have a single integrated platform providing them real-time financial visibility and improved inventory tracking and accuracy, enabling continued growth.

Key Outcomes

  • Able to grow into new verticals and develop new products.
  • Fully independent and in-house finance department.
  • Timely and precise financial reporting, allowing for better decision-making.
  • Business systems that can respond to customers’ changing and growing needs.


Swidget develops modular smart home devices designed to connect and control multiple home sensors and electronics via a single smartphone application. These devices are composed of multiple components making accounting for inventory a significant challenge. Complicated by the pandemic, supply was constrained by suppliers and distributors.

These challenges were limiting Swidget’s ability to grow. The demand was there, but supplies of components were not. Cam Wilson noted, “we wanted to get ahead of the growth curve and implement an ERP before those operational headaches piled up,” and their current ERP was not supporting their growth plan.


When it came time to choose a solution, Swidget learned of Acumatica from attending an industry trade show in 2019. From their interaction at the show, Wilson remembered what the ERP’s capabilities were, and when he considered a new ERP “Acumatica checked all the boxes that had the additional features we wanted”. Swidget with the assistance of Evron implemented and deployed Acumatica financial and distribution modules within 6 weeks.

Evron was highly recommended to Swidget by Acumatica for the implementation. During the discovery process, Evron worked closely with Wilson and his team to understand their complex business requirements and goals. Wilson stated, “this was an exceptional install due to the timeline. We wanted the software implemented quickly, and Evron was willing to work with us to make this a success. This is one of the many reasons we chose to work with Evron.”

With Acumatica and their new in-house accounting team, Swidget has access to timely and accurate financial reporting and deep data visibility. Previously they would have to wait endlessly for reporting that was out of their hands. Everything is connected with all data in Acumatica, and many manual financial processes have been automated.

The entire team now has access from anywhere to log into Acumatica and be more productive. Wilson noted that having a system in the Cloud that they can use on a mobile device anywhere was one of the key functionalities that helped drive the decision to choose Acumatica.

Working with a multi-level Bill of Material (BOM) was vital for Swidget’s manufacturing process, especially since they use sub-assemblies to produce their finished goods.

Wilson recounted that before Acumatica, the inventory was not tracked effectively, and now all inventory is tracked at the raw material and sub-assembly level within Acumatica. This has led to confidence that they will be able to continue to develop new products and expand their product offering. “We challenged the software to meet the requirements we set, and both Evron and Acumatica exceeded all my expectations,” Wilson noted about the whole experience. He said, “we’re focused on getting to know Acumatica more and making use of all its features. It is our dream to have everything on one system, no longer needing to use spreadsheets. I am looking forward to using Acumatica as our one system, the backbone of everything we do, and because it integrates, it saves us a lot of time.” The team is also looking forward to implementing the CRM, Self-Service Portal, and additional modules.

About Acumatica

Acumatica provides unparalleled breadth across an extensive accounting, sales, project, case, and customer management application suite. Advanced financial features for deferred and recurring revenue, project accounting, contract or policy management, billing, asset depreciation, and payroll provide a holistic system for growing businesses. Generate high-quality leads and boost sales with exemplary customer support through embedded CRM with case management. Configure Acumatica with extended business applications for commerce, point of sale, construction, distribution and manufacturing. Access certified industry and business applications on the Acumatica Marketplace to create the system of your dreams.