As the world marks International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to honouring the achievements and advocating for the rights of women globally, we at Evron are taking a moment to reflect on the incredible contributions of women in technology and business. This day is more than just a celebration; it’s a call to action for accelerating gender parity and recognizing the indispensable role women play in every sector, including technology.

We bring you exclusive insights from some of our most dynamic female team members  at Evron. Their stories are not just narratives of personal success but are powerful testaments to the impact of women in shaping the future of technology and business.

Join us as we delve into the thoughts of these remarkable women, exploring their roles, their journeys, and the advice they have for the next generation of female leaders. Their responses not only celebrate their individual achievements but also underscore the collective strength and resilience of women at Evron and beyond.

As we share these stories, let’s remember that International Women’s Day is not just a day but a continuous journey toward equality and inclusion, one where each step taken by women like those at Evron brings us closer to a balanced and equitable world.


  • Role at Evron: As a Senior Consultant and Project Manager (PMP), I oversee project lifecycles, from requirement gathering to execution and closing. My role occasionally involves participating in solution design.
  • Inspiration in Tech/ERP: My passion for math and technology was inspired by teachers and family, starting during my university years when computers were emerging as an exciting field.
  • Unique Perspectives as a Woman in Tech: I believe personality traits are crucial for both men and women in tech. I focus on bringing balance and understanding people’s motivations, which helps in being assertive rather than reactive in team interactions.
  • Advice for Young Women in Tech: I recommend building a strong technical foundation while also developing personal skills. Good communication and a balanced personality are key to integrating and finding satisfaction in tech roles.
  • Significant Change in Tech/ERP Industry: The most significant changes I’ve observed are in user interfaces, the emergence of web services connecting diverse systems, and the advancements in data analytics.
  • Leadership and Mentorship: While I haven’t had many recent opportunities for mentorship, my approach would be to offer challenges matching their skills, teach them to adjust to project fluctuations, and manage emotional impacts effectively.
  • Fostering Collaborative Work Environment: I focus on not being reactive, acknowledging others’ ideas when superior, and confidently presenting my viewpoints for clarity and consensus. Ensuring everyone understands and is committed to the agreed path is crucial.
  • Career Advice Reflection: Looking back, I wish I had known the importance of developing skills beyond the technical realm.


  • Role at Evron: I serve as a Senior Accountant, handling Account Receivables at Evron. My daily responsibilities include managing financial transactions, maintaining accuracy in accounts, and ensuring our company’s financial processes contribute positively to our overall financial health.
  • Advice for Young Women in Technology/Finance: For those interested in technology or finance, my advice is to wholeheartedly embrace challenges, continuously pursue learning, and build a robust professional network. It’s important to not shy away from seeking mentorship and to always have confidence in your capabilities.
  • Work-Life Balance: Striking a balance between work and personal life is essential. I make sure to allocate dedicated time for both areas. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time walking with my Golden Retriever, Ozzie, staying active with gym workouts, indulging in shopping, and making the most of life.
  • Significant Changes in Tech/ERP Industry: In my view, the most significant change in the tech and ERP industry has been the swift integration of cloud technology into ERP systems. This development has simplified access, increased efficiency, and enhanced our ability to collaborate effectively.


  • Professional Philosophy: At the core, I am customer-centric. My primary responsibility revolves around ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget, and with the highest professionalism. This customer-focused approach is central to everything I do.
  • Background and Career Path: My background with Bell Canada and Nortel Networks has been instrumental in shaping my path to Evron. This experience has honed my ability to understand people and customers, emphasizing empathy and collaboration with respected and admired team members. It’s not just about individual achievements but about the power of teamwork.
  • Leadership Style: As a leader, my focus is on understanding and addressing the needs of our clients and working closely with my team. Recognizing and respecting each team member’s unique skills is crucial. I continually strive to build a strong team of professionals, emphasizing customer-centric practices and respect for our clients’ businesses.
  • Key Leadership Qualities: Being a solid leader for me means adhering to principles of respect, integrity, teamwork, and open, honest communication. These are the cornerstones of effective leadership and collaborative success.
  • Advice for Newcomers: I advise seeking mentorship and aspiring to embody qualities like sensitivity, empathy, customer focus, and the importance of teamwork. It’s essential to recognize that men and women are equal contributors to our success.
  • Professional and Personal Support System: I am fortunate to be surrounded by competent women both in my personal life and professional environment. This support system is invaluable to my career and personal development.


  • Role at Evron: As the Marketing Manager at Evron, my role involves not only leading our marketing strategies and campaigns but also collaborating closely with various teams to ensure alignment with our corporate objectives. I’m deeply involved in the creative process, from conceptualizing to executing strategies, and consistently analyze market trends to keep our approaches fresh and effective.
  • Unique Perspectives as a Woman in Technology: My experience as a woman in the tech field brings a unique blend of precise, informed perspectives and a deep market understanding. This is complemented by my eagerness to learn from colleagues, creating an environment of mutual growth and respect. My approach helps foster a diverse, inclusive team dynamic that values different viewpoints.
  • Advice for Young Women in Technology: For women entering the tech field, it’s crucial to remain open and eager to learn. Actively seeking a mentor can be a game changer in navigating your career path. Always stay curious, question existing processes, and don’t shy away from challenging the status quo. This attitude will not only aid personal growth but also contribute positively to the industry.
  • Significant Changes in Tech/ERP Industry: The tech and ERP industry has undergone a remarkable transformation, especially with the rapid evolution of technology post-COVID. This period has led to a significant shift in work culture, emphasizing remote working and better work-life balance. The advancement in AI and ML is particularly exciting, as it promises to streamline mundane tasks and open up new avenues for innovation and efficiency.
  • Leadership and Mentorship Approach: In my leadership role, I emphasize empathy and openness, creating a safe space for learning and experimentation, especially for women new to the industry. I believe in the power of learning from failures – it’s not just about succeeding but also understanding and growing from the challenges we face. My aim is to guide through experience and encouragement, helping each team member find their path to success.
  • Career Advice Reflection: Looking back, a piece of advice that would have been invaluable is the importance of embracing calculated risks. Understanding that failure is not a setback but a stepping stone to learning and growth would have been a powerful mindset. This perspective not only fosters personal development but also encourages a more adventurous and innovative approach in one’s professional journey.

In closing

As we conclude our International Women’s Day tribute, the reflections from our team at Evron reinforce a crucial narrative: the empowerment and progress of women in technology and business are pivotal to our collective success.

Our Senior Consultant’s dedication to balance and understanding in team interactions, our Senior Accountant’s integration of work-life harmony, our Marketing Manager’s emphasis on continuous learning and efficiency,  and our VP of Projects’ customer-centric leadership philosophy – each of these insights underscores a shared commitment to excellence, empathy, and collaboration.

These stories highlight more than individual achievements; they represent a broader movement towards an inclusive and equitable workplace. The journey these women have embarked upon at Evron mirrors the journey of countless other women in tech and business around the world. Their challenges, triumphs, and wisdom inspire not only young women aspiring to enter these fields but also remind us all of the ongoing work needed to ensure equality and representation.

This International Women’s Day, let us all renew our commitment to this cause. Let us continue to celebrate the achievements of women, support their ambitions, and work together to create a future where gender equality is not an aspiration but a reality. The journey towards this goal is long and continuous, but with the perseverance and passion of women like those at Evron, it is a journey filled with hope and endless possibilities.