Tech Partners can have an enormous impact on the development of your business which is why vendors will flash their “authorized reseller” badge at every opportunity. But how can you decipher meaningful partner certifications from those that are simply acquired by paying an annual fee?

Microsoft offers three types of dependable partner statuses that indicate a company’s capabilities: Partner, Silver Partner, and Gold Partner. But why is it important to specifically choose a Microsoft Gold Partner — and why not settle for Silver? 

Microsoft’s certification process is rigorous and requires regular auditing to ensure Partners are maintaining that high degree of skill, proficiency, and experience.

Silver Partners represents a specialized ability and commitment in a specific business solution area. They represent 5% of Microsoft Partners worldwide. Silver is certainly an achievement, but Gold Partners represent another level and is the highest certification and level of expertise that a reseller can achieve. Their proven skillset in a particular technology or service area enables them to offer innovative business solutions. They are among the top 1% of Microsoft Partners worldwide. 

Though the statuses between Silver and Gold Partner certifications may be just one level, the real difference between them is significant. Below are some reasons why your business will benefit from going for Gold.

1. Up-to-Date with Microsoft’s Latest Technology

Microsoft is continuously expanding and evolving its products, so it’s a good idea to choose a partner who is up to date with their latest offerings. Gold Partners can give you the most informed and best IT advice because they are on top of the latest developments.

2. Maintains the Highest Standards

Gold Certification dictates that a specific number of individuals from a Microsoft Partner organization must pass various core value exams to demonstrate their level of competency. Additionally, some of those professionals are also required to pass specialty exams which must be retaken periodically. This process ensures that Gold Partners know what they are doing and have proven their expertise. So, if you have high standards and want a quality reseller, Gold is the best option.

3. Established Relationship With Microsoft

Microsoft Gold Partners can handle most technical issues without the need to contact Microsoft for support. But if a difficult situation arises and there is a need to reach out to Microsoft for assistance, Gold Partners are in the best position to get the help quickly and efficiently. With access to advanced support partners, Gold Partners have a direct link with Microsoft that’s beneficial to your business.

Evron’s Microsoft Gold Partner Status

At Evron Computer Systems, our Gold Partner status reflects our commitment and expertise in Microsoft products, platforms, and processes that benefit our clients. With our ongoing training, knowledge, and experience with Microsoft products, we can implement, customize, and extend Microsoft product capabilities so that it meets your business IT needs — including Microsoft Teams, Office 0365, WVD, and Azure.

Evron has achieved the Gold Partner certification because we want to offer our clients the highest level of service in the industry.

For more information about how Evron can help your business succeed, speak to a consultant.