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We hope you are in good health and spirits; it has been a whirlwind of a month. This month, we are sharing articles we think will help you navigate this uncharted territory a little better:

Evron’s COVID-19 Response

Evron is open and our team is working from home. Currently, we are helping our customers help transition their employees to remote work with the help of technology and collaboration tools to make virtual work possible.

We are also moving along the path of Digital Transformation by trying to eliminate paper cheques and moving to EFT ( Electronics Funds Transfer) for the payments we receive and pay and helping our clients do the same. Read full response here. 

How To Work Through The Outbreak

There are hundreds of applications out there to help remote workers with productivity, teamwork, and more. These apps are often siloed, don’t work together, and force your employees to use a combination of multiple different solutions to complete one task that would’ve taken minutes in the office. We are partnered with a couple of leaders like Microsoft whose solution like O365 allows users to complete full workflows on a single app. See more. 

Special Offers For Those Affected

These are tough times for a lot of businesses and splurging isn’t an option for many right now, but we also understand you need IT solutions now to deal with sudden changes. That’s why we are offering free consultations for businesses that have been forced to adopt a work from home model and are giving free access to Microsoft Teams for 6 months. Schedule a call for more details.