Evron Field Service for Spire

End To End Field Service Solution

Robust Cloud ERP Integration

Evron Field Service is an end-to-end cloud field service software solution built with integration to Spire. It automates business processes in the office and in the field to reduce the billing turnaround time, improve customer service, and put the right technicians in the right place at the right time, allowing you to focus on managing and growing your service and installation business.

Optimized for service organizations that use mobile field resources, Evron Field Service allows you to connect with your customers and their equipment while automating and streamlining the Service Process.

Best of all, it’s on the cloud. You can use it anytime, anywhere, so long as you have access to an internet connection.

Our mobile-enabled software has provided us with a multi-functional tool that has combined what were once many different touch-points of data entry all in one environment. The software has eliminated paperwork, streamlined scheduling, and enhanced reporting capabilities.  Overall, we are pleased with the transition and the platform functionality.

Melissa Knight, Marketing & Sales Manager, Avonbank


Speed Up Invoicing and Collection Cycle 

Powerful Tools In A User First Interface

Simplify Dispatch Process by Quickly Evaluating and Assigning Work

Advanced Communication Tools That Enable Immediate Updates as Field Technicians Work and Write Reports

Provide On The Spot Work Orders and Invoice E-mails

Eliminate Paperwork

In-Depth Features & Benefits


Dispatchers can save time and make better-informed decisions when they have customer information, equipment service history, and technician availability and skill sets at their fingertips. If you schedule a handful of calls or dozens of calls per day, you can save significant time and reduce scheduling errors by using our intuitive calendar interface with multiple views.

You can filter by dispatch location, by individual technician, by skill, or by call type. The Agenda presents multiple appointments on one screen. Or you may use our Day View, Week View, Month View or our unique and intuitive Timeline view. Whatever perspective you need, your dispatchers can find it, configure it, and default it.

Resource Tracking

Manage information about field technician qualifications, certifications, and skillsets. Schedule work in advance and assign the right resource for the right job. Then report on individual performance around utilization and evaluate adherence to budgets and job estimates.

Service Contract Management

This feature allows you to keep track of complex contracts with customers. Here are a few of the things you can do:

  • Connect the contract to a time period, equipment list, location, or any combination of these.
  • Govern service activities across all locations and all equipment for a customer with blanket contracts.
  • Automated billing for the contracts and related service allows you to focus on getting the job done and meeting Service Level Agreements.
  • Our handy Contract Planning tool makes creating a new contract a snap.


Our software runs in the cloud and is completely mobile-enabled. All users access the same data in the central database, so everyone sees updates in real-time. Equipment installers, facility engineers, and service technicians can operate the easy-to-use system on any mobile device or laptopNative controls make the mobile user experience easy to manage for inspections, signatures, approvals, completions, work orders, and follow-ups.

Seamless Integration With Spire

With integration to Spire, Evron Field Service offers a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of your service business life cycle. Spire serves as the main data repository for customers, inventory, and financials. Manage field service operations through Evron Field Service for scheduling, equipment tracking, and mobility.

Work Order Management

Service Work Orders are used for data collection for all materials used in repair and service, as well as for labor and billable expenses. Evron Field Service is configurable to provide the automation and validation you desire using default and calculated values to save data entry time. Gauge your profitability in real-time at the Work Order, Contract, or Project level, report on technicians’ utilization rates, and track costs against budget. Updates occur in real-time from any computer or mobile device.

Eliminate paper-based checklists with our User Defined Configurator to create customized and automated checklists. Techs follow and document procedures, while the checklists walk your techs through defined processes and make sure that the job is performed and documented completely and accurately.

Map Integration

Use our mapping integration technology to provide back office and field staff with visual route maps and turn-by-turn directions. Dispatchers can view the locations of all appointments assigned with a press of a button.

About Spire

Spire is a modern, fully integrated accounting and inventory management software designed to streamline processes, provide better insight, and enables you to take control of your business so that you can grow confidently. It is developed with an intuitive interface and a robust database that uses the latest technology for efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. You owe it to yourself to consider Spire if you need financial software that is a level up from old ERP systems. Alternatively, if you are ready to migrate from legacy products based on yesterday’s technology, then Spire could be for you.

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