How To Survive The E-Commerce Apocalypse: Webinar

It’s About More Than Adding A Checkout Page

Whether you have an e-commerce business or are unsure if going online is right for your business model, you’ll want to attend this free webinar. Learn from Evron experts and Acumatica’s Senior Product Manager about why utilizing digital retail can increase profits and simplify your business processes. Further, find out how a specialized ERP can help you break through the noise of other e-commerce businesses and achieve success. 

When: Wednesday August 28th, 2019 10-11 A.M EDT

What You’ll Learn:

Why e-commerce is applicable to your business

– How to be competitive and future-ready with e-commerce

– The past of commerce vs. the data-driven future

– The impact of user journey on customer loyalty

– ERP features that will make you successful, increase business efficiencies, + grow profits

– Q+A with experts

Hear from:

From left to right:

Greg Dow, Senior Consultant, Evron
Josh Fischer, Senior Product Manager, Acumatica
Amit (Sunny) Sahni, Executive VP + CTO, Evron
Paulette Kestelman, Projects Director, Evron