Bridging The Gap: Cybersecurity For A Displaced Workforce

Are you using yesterday’s technology to protect against today’s attacks?

Lunch & Learn Webinar | Thursday, August 13, 10 AM EDT

Your presenters: Leticia Gammill, Security Channels Leader at Cisco for LATAM + Canada, and Amit (Sunny) Sahni, Executive VP and CTO at Evron.


The working from home model is predicted to become a mainstay even after returning to work is safe. Now is the time to consider what your cybersecurity plan is to ensure that your scattered workforce can securely use their business tools and collaborate without the fear of losing everything.

During the pandemic, cyberattacks have been on the rise due to a lack of security on employee devices. 58% of data breach victims are SMB’s like yours. Typically using e-mail phishing scams, cybercriminals take control of your network and demand large sums of cash in exchange for data your business needs to function. Whether or not they keep a copy of your stuff, you’ll never know. 

In this webinar, we’ll be discussing what your next steps need to be and providing an action plan for you to use in your business to keep cybercriminals out.

Lunch is on us!

Enjoy a meal– on us. First registrants will receive a complimentary $25 Uber Eats gift card. Learn about protecting your business and try out that new restaurant you’ve been hearing about. It’s a win-win!