“Kinetic” — the new name for Epicor ERP 

This year, Epicor has had a lot going on: they’ve refreshed their branding, renamed their flagship manufacturing ERP product to Kinetic (after their UX/UI framework), and have announced its latest release.  

“At Epicor, we understand deeply the industries we serve, which is why the upgrades we have made to Kinetic to modernize and future-proof the platform were architected alongside our customers to better help them scale and thrive,” commented Himanshu Palsule, the President of Epicor. “This journey has been many years in the making, and our goal is that the new product name and the enhanced platform convey the ongoing momentum of Epicor, our continued industry focus, and our goal to deliver the defacto Industry Cloud.”

New Features in the Latest Release 

Epicor 11 contains several updates that aim to accelerate your profitability, personalize your experience, and maximize your capabilities to scale. Some highlights include: 

  • Improved User Experience: Kinetic is a user-friendly, browser-based application with guided navigation to modernize workflows for business processes
  • Modern eCommerce Enhancements: Epicor Commerce Connecthas been updated with new features and design. The new release 2.12 includes new punchout capabilities
  • Enhanced Document Security:Enterprise Content Managementsolution (previously known as Docstar) offers enhanced security for workflows and custom revision numbering 
  • Simplified Spreadsheet Integration: Spreadsheet Serveris the latest version of XL Connect, and provides a reporting system within Excel that ingests data in real-time from Kinetic
  • EDI Integration Improvements: Epicor has built new endpoints that enable real-time connectivity and alerts for ten standard demand-and-supply side documents
  • Better Compliance: Kinetic is designed to meet FDA software validation needs of medical device manufacturers and supports CMMC regulations — and is the only multi-tenant cloud solution to meet these standards 

Made With Manufacturers for Manufacturers 

Prior to its launch, Epicor pre-released this update to 100 manufacturing customers for their feedback. After extensive review, Epicor has made more than 500 updates for the final release, ensuring that manufacturers have a polished product that suits their expectations. 

The President of Tuffaloy, Sean Simmons, commented: “Epicor’s new web-based Kinetic ERP system provides an additional layer of flexibility to support our business. Application Studio is an intuitive, low code, drag and drop programming tool that allows us to quickly configure screens to fit our unique requirements. The new Kinetic platform now gives us the ability to ensure our users have access to the right information anytime, anywhere and from any device.”

Request a Demo 

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