Field Service businesses are unique, in that they function both in an office and on the field. ERP Systems are equipped with features that target a wide variety of industries, with customization packages that focus in on the needs on one particular vertical. However, field service users have unfortunately not been catered to in an efficient manner. This means that taking your business from one that is traditional, using papers and phone calls, and inefficient to one that is competitive for decades to come in a digital age is a difficult task. Navigating digital transformation is nebulous in itself. 

This webinar discusses what digital transformation means specifically for our Field Service friends, and how they can utilize Mobile Field Service solutions to apply these concepts to their business. We will also introduce Evron Field Service, a solution that was built to future-proof your business. 

Spire and Sage BusinessVision users will find this webinar of interest as there currently is no application that integrates completely with either ERP systems for the field. A look at Evron Field Service will help you understand how critical building out your system may be. 

Included is an introduction to the Internet of Things, Digital Transformation, what this means for field service now and years to come, what tools and features are necessary to solve field service problems, and an overview of Evron Field Service along with a demo. 

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You can also read more about Evron Field Service and how it works with Spire, BusinessVision, and Epicor here