Canadians can now use Electronic Funds Transfer as a form of payment with Evron’s newest addition to its Epicor solutions ecosystem. The Epicor EFT Module by Evron is part of a continued effort by Evron to develop features and customizations that enable businesses to maximize their investment in their Epicor ERP system, and in turn, optimize business efficiency.

This new feature enables Epicor users to submit Canadian EFT transfers. EFT, or Electronic Funds Transfer, is a payment method that allows you to deposit money directly in a bank account. The transfer of funds is almost instant, removes the need for cheques, and is secure. The module works within the already existing payment module in the Epicor platform, seamlessly integrating with the system.

Faster, Better, Stronger

Instead of manually transmitting funds one at a time, Evron’s EFT file transfer allows users to make about 60 transactions per minute; while processing time for transactions have been reduced by 25%.

Using EFT as a form of payment is also more secure than traditional forms of paying as there are added measures to prevent fraud. It also minimizes processing costs as you no longer have to pay cheques fees.

Seamless Installation

Gaining access to the Canadian EFT module is simple. After you purchase a subscription to the module, the EFT tools will be added to your Epicor System. This application is user-friendly and is intuitive in its design, allowing you to get started with it as soon as it’s installed. We will also provide you with an installation guide and provide you with training if needed. Installation only takes a few hours. 

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