Evron Field Service is our 360 solution for field service businesses. From scheduling to collecting payment, Evron Field Service will do it all and from anywhere– it’s on the cloud. EFS is also one of very few EFS applications that will connect with your ERP and the only end-to-end field service solution for Spire and Sage BusinessVision users.

Here are 5 tools on Evron Field Service that will help your business skyrocket.

1.    Instant Resource Tracking

Track your inventory in real-time so you can book installations when stock is available and provide maintenance when you have the tools, increasing first-time fixes. This enables you to confidently schedule work in advance and assign the right resources for the job.

With the addition of IoT sensors, you can track your equipment and know when something is wrong before a big break occurs right from EFS.

2.   Drag and Drop Dispatch Board

Dispatchers can save time and make better-informed decisions when they have customer information, equipment service history, and technician availability and skill sets at their fingertips. If you schedule a handful of calls or dozens of calls per day, you can save significant time and reduce scheduling errors by using our intuitive calendar interface with multiple views.

You can filter by dispatch location, by individual technician, by skill, or by call type. The Agenda presents multiple appointments on one screen. Or you may use our Day View, Week View, Month View or our unique and intuitive Timeline view.

Most importantly, it’s completely configurable. The view isn’t what you want? It’s not a fixed view. You can change it to be exactly what you want.

3.   Powerful Analytics

Evron Field Service and your ERP converse with each other so both have a collection of rich-data for you to use. This data is usable in various ways. For example, with EFS, your ERP will have data on which of your products require servicing most often. You can either discontinue this product, or use the information to move to predictive maintenance. Rather than wait for a break to happen, you have the data to better predict when a break may happen; hence, you can schedule maintenance prior to an expensive break.

Get the customer’s bonus points and reduce the cost of maintenance!

4.   Routing

Use our mapping integration technology to provide back office and field staff with visual route maps and turn-by-turn directions. Dispatchers can view the locations of all appointments assigned with a press of a button.

5.   Contract Management

Keep track of complex contracts with these features:

– Connect the contract to a time period, equipment list, location, or any combination of these.

– Govern service activities across all locations and all equipment for a customer with blanket contracts.

– Automated billing for the contracts and related service allows you to focus on getting the job done and meeting Service Level Agreements.

– Make contracts in a snap with the Contract Planning tool