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Given how much the pace of business has changed, businesses are under increased pressure to stay efficient, agile and keep their competitive edge. Business leaders must continually invest in their IT systems to keep up with the business requirements.

To that end, it's important to have dependable IT infrastructure that works and keeps a business running. As a business owner, you're also looking for peace of mind in the event a disaster happens.

Naturally, all of these concerns come with a price tag attached. Managing server sprawl and disaster recovery can be expensive and time-consuming. There must be a better, cheaper solution out there, right?

Enter the server solution known as virtualization - a server technology that has already made a big impact on large, Fortune 500-style companies. Now the SMB market can take full advantage of virtualization too.

The Cost Benefit

So what is virtualization and how can it help you and your business?

As anyone running a business with IT infrastructure knows, there are two big problems any growing business must face - increasing network complexity and server sprawl.

As more and more applications go onto networked machines, the demands placed on servers are growing like never before. In the pre VM-ware era, independent servers were required for different applications. For example, an email server must be independent of a web-hosting server to avoid problems down the road with conflicting applications.

Virtualization solves this problem. Instead of using multiple pieces of hardware as servers, virtualization allows for a single server that houses a variety of applications in it.

Unlike traditional approaches, virtual machines simulate hardware instead of using real hardware. This means, in layman's terms, end users of applications - in this case, your workers - can use workstations and terminals connected to a single virtualized machine instead of running off multiple ones locally. Costs are reduced through energy savings, less investment in new servers and you're even being environmentally friendly.

When Disaster Happens

From a cost benefit perspective, virtualization is a strong investment. But what about peace of mind and security?

The old ways of duplication and back-ups through multiple servers is not only costly, but an inefficient use of resources. For example, take email. Many companies use a back-up server to protect company email in the event of a disaster. In the old days, a disaster recovery plan could take several days to implement as virtually all hardware had to be duplicated and the server solutions required significant maintenance overhead to ensure information is accessible or readable afterwards.

Some of the benefits include:

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