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Business management solution for small and mid-sized businesses

Spire™ is a modern, fully integrated accounting and inventory management software designed to streamline processes, provide better insight and enables you to take control of your business so that you can grow confidently. It is developed with an intuitive interface and a robust database that uses the latest technology for efficiency, flexibility and scalability. You owe it to yourself to consider Spire if you need financial software that is a level up from QuickBooks™ or Simply Accounting(Sage 50)™. Alternatively, if you are ready to migrate from legacy products like Sage BusinessVision™ or other products based on yesterday’s technology, then Spire could be for you.

With Evron’s help you can run Spire at your premises on your computer network. Alternatively, if you don’t want to invest in computer infrastructure and in house computer support resources, we can provide a cloud solution for your use of Spire.

Evron has been providing solutions since 1983. Our 50 highly capable staff can help you get the benefits of a totally integrated system to reduce cost and increase revenues leveraging Spire’s capabilities. Do you need a warehouse management system with bar code readers? Do you need integration with your website or custom software development, report writing or integration with shipping software?  We can help.

And there is so much more. We can provide a single point of responsibility for the rest of your computer infrastructure needs. Our Networking division can help with installing and supporting your file servers, workstations, firewalls and other infrastructure. We help clients reduce costs by providing virtualization solutions. We provide remote access capabilities for organizations with multiple locations or who want to make staff more responsive and mobile.  We can help with your security needs. We provide managed services options, taking full responsibility for all of  your IT needs and allow you to focus on your core competencies.

Evron is truly unique in our capabilities related to helping you increase sales and profits by fully utilizing a range of Information Technologies including Spire.

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