Clientele for PFW is an integrated customer relationship management solution that enables companies to manage the entire customer lifecycle.

Clientele for PFW: Helps you focus on your customers. Gather, organize, track, and share prospect, customer, competitor and product information – all within one tool, without having to re-key or import any data.

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Sales and Marketing
The Sales and Marketing application empowers you to focus on the right opportunities while giving you access to timely information. You get complete Contact, Lead, Opportunity and Account Management… all in one package. Once a qualified lead becomes an opportunity, sales teams can be formed and managed, milestones set and measured, literature sent, competitor information accessed, correspondence generated and potential revenue forecasted. Plus, you can view your sales funnel at any point and see exactly where you are in the sales cycle to provide management with up-to-date, verifiable revenue projections. With Clientele for BV, you can also pinpoint your targets, capture highly qualified leads and perform cost/benefits ROI analyses on marketing activities. The result? Better prospects, shorter sales cycles, and more revenue.

Powerful and Flexible Quotation Capabilities

Don’t mix prospects and customers. Use the Quotation module for providing quotes that can be sent as paper or email attachments. Once accepted, quotations can be promoted and processed within the fully-featured Order taking system and automatically sent to PFW for further handling. New customers can be automatically promoted to customers in Sage PFW. The Quotation module is designed to handle both product and services sales.

See margin at the line item level and overall to facilitate management control on margins.

The module handles supplier rebates and promotions to show true margin at the quotation level. Additional powerful features include capabilities to clone partial or entire quotes and merge multiple quotes. Customizable and selectable outputs support multiple quotation templates allowing users to select the appropriate format from a list according to circumstances (For example, in/exclude estimated tax, in/exclude product codes, etc.) Flexible leasing options can also be calculated and included in the quotation if desired.

Optional flexible quotation workbooks are created to provide purchasing staff preferred product sources, SKU numbers and costs. This can facilitate Purchasing staff’s efforts to further optimize on delivery time and costs.

See the full history of all historical quotations by customer, customer group and customer contact as well as sales person. The quotation module alone, justifies the entire CRM investment.

Integrate Sage PFW customers with Clientele for PFW

promote prospects into PFW Customers with no rekeying

Promote accepted quotations from Clientele for PFW to orders in Sage PFW

With our integrated solution, once you bring a new customer on board, your support department has access to the entire sales history for that customer. Customers no longer have to repeat themselves whenever their case is passed on to someone else. Everyone who interacts with a customer (with the appropriated security permission) can have access to the same customer information, making for a smooth transition from sales to support, and resulting in more satisfied customers.

The Best Value for Emerging Businesses
Easy to install and maintain, Clean user-interface, Shared prospect and customer information, Powerful functionality,Browser based lead Entry for sales- Business Rules With a scalable MS-SQL architecture that can grow as your business grows. And a true cost-of-ownership designed for the sensitive budgets of the emerging enterprise. It’s easy to understand why over 3,000 companies worldwide use Clientele.