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Sage PFW (Platinum For Windows)

Sage retired Sage PFW ERP (“PFW”) effective March 31, 2014.

The reason given was that  Sage PFW was created using outdated technology which would be difficult to support on an on-going basis.  

Since the product is quite stable and a known quantity, we have found that many of our clients have chosen to simply continue to operate their software until they decide what they want to do.

Evron is and will continue to  support these organizations until they are ready to make a change.  Choosing a new ERP software is a ten to fifteen year decision. This is the typical system life cycle. Consequently, one should consider the choice carefully.  Evron suggests that moving from one outdated product to another outdated product from the same era, may not be prudent. You don’t want to repeat the process in a few years when the successor is retired.

We can help. We have over twenty years of experience with PFW (Platinum). We can show you powerful go forward alternatives that do everything you could do with Sage PFW and far more, so call us.”

HOWEVER, if you are planning to continue to use PFW for the time being you should investigate EVSQL for PFW to enhance the value of PFW to you.  

Evron Computer Systems has created a powerful bridge from Sage PFW (formerly Platinum for Windows) to Microsoft SQL. EVSQL for PFW moves you up to the industry standard by replicating the full PFW Pervasive database into a MS SQL data warehouse. This data is linked to MS Excel and kicks open the door to data analysis and reporting opportunities. With all Sage PFW data now in SQL and visible from Excel, you can freely access this data using the latest tools.

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