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PAYstation: Cheque Security Software

Security for computer generated cheques


In today's world of technology and the unfortunate misuse of it, companies are left with the difficult task of making corporate procedures more secure and safer in the present climate of doing business. PAYstation's Canadian cheque protection systems offer the most secure, reliable and convenient way to write and sign your cheques. The systems provide the same level of controls, deterrents and preventive measures employed by major corporations.

Adopting new cheque systems is even more urgent today because of new Canadian cheque standards. By June 2007, cheques from all Canadian businesses must conform with these new specifications. Evron and PAYstation offer two ways of achieving this compliance:

2. Order Secure Cheque Stock from i-DNA

1. Cheque Security Software - Print Your Own

Generate your cheque from within your existing financial package then print it through PAYstation. PAYstation makes your cheque printing more secure and convenient and helps your company become compliant with Canadian cheque standards and accounting best practices, including those detailed in the Sarbanes-Oxley act. Benedits of PAYstation products include:


Compliance: The tightly controlled cheque printing system that PAYstation enforces will help your company become compliant with Canada's new cheque rules and accounting best practices such as those contained in the American Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Convenience: PAYstation makes it easy for organizations with multiple accounts, currencies and businesses to print cheques without having to order different cheque stocks and switch between them. The program allows:

Find Out More About PAYstation Products:

PAYstation Inc. offers products to empower companies with a higher level of security in their cheque issuance and corporate procedures:

2. Order Secure Cheque Stock On-line

Evron offers I-DNA registered security business cheque stock that is highly secure and complies with Canada's new standards. Benefits include:

Security: In today's world of identity theft, cheque counterfeiting, cheque alteration and fraud; consider your first line of defense the security and deterrents in and on your cheque paper. I-DNA cheques include:

Compliance: I-DNA cheques are compliant with Canada's new cheque rules and provide the security of accounting best practices such as those contained in the American Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Convenience: You can design your business cheques online with an easy-to-use online design interface. They are easily reordered online and any security updates will be applied at no extra cost.

1. Use PAYstation Cheque Security Software to print your own

Who is PAYstation?

Since 1955 PAYstation has been working with banks and police in cheque fraud prevention and detection. Their client base includes all major Canadian banks, credit unions, trust companies, federal and provincial governments, businesses in Canada, the United States, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

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PAYstation's Canadian Cheque Security Software Systems are not only a way to print, write or sign your cheques, but complete systems of cheque protection, offering companies additional security in their cheque issuing.