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Sage FAS Business Solutions: Single User Solution, Limited Number of Assets

FAS 50 Asset Accounting — The perfect solution for businesses needing fixed asset management software for managing fewer than 1,000 fixed assets. Designed for small businesses, FAS 50 Asset Accounting is the perfect solution for first-time buyers of fixed asset management software. FAS 50 Asset Accounting organizes fixed assets in an easy-to-view format, performs complex depreciation calculations quickly and easily. This fixed asset management software package offers more than 20 pre-defined reports for financial and tax reporting of up to 1,000 fixed assets.

Sage FAS Business Solutions: Single or Multi User Solutions, Larger Numbers of Assets

FAS 100 Asset Accounting — More robust than FAS 50 Asset Accounting, FAS 100 Asset Accounting delivers advanced fixed asset accounting, depreciation, and reporting for any business needing effective asset management tools in integrated accounting environments. Simply stated, this software conveniently manages assets throughout their entire lifecycle-from acquisition to disposal.

FAS 100 Asset Inventory — Gives you unparalleled asset inventory tracking and reconciliation capabilities. Using state-of-the-art bar code technology-including Windows CE and Palm OS bar code devices-FAS 100 Asset Inventory creates and tracks physical inventories quickly and accurately, and seamlessly integrates with FAS 100 Asset Accounting. The result? You enjoy tighter control over your fixed assets.

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FAS 100 CIP Accounting — Whether you're assembling multi-component equipment, upgrading machinery, constructing buildings, or just accumulating separate invoices prior to placing a fixed asset into service, FAS 100 CIP Accounting helps you take control of spending and streamlines your project accounting-eliminating cumbersome spreadsheets, manual data entry, and the mountain of invoices!

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FAS Report Writer — Generate accurate, complete, customized reports that present fixed asset data however best suits your company. The easy-to-use report wizards make customizing your reports simple.

Sage FAS Business Solutions: Single or Multi User Solutions, SQL Server Environment

FAS 500 Asset Accounting — Gain greater flexibility, scalability, enhanced history tracking, and faster processing times. FAS 500 Asset Accounting delivers the same dependable depreciation calculations, financial reports, and detailed asset management as FAS 100 Asset Accounting, but leverages the power of Microsoft SQL scalable client/server architecture. The result? Speed, flexibility, and size.

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FAS 500 Asset Inventory — Delivers advanced inventory capabilities utilizing the SQL server environment. Gain greater speed, scalability, and achieve more control over your fixed asset inventories with more than 50 customizable fields. Designed for SQL environments, this highly flexible solution provides tracking for thousands of fixed assets and reconciliation capabilities.

FAS 500 CIP Accounting — For construction in progress and designed for SQL server-based computing environments. Whether assembling multi-component equipment, upgrading machinery, renovating buildings, or accumulating separate invoices prior to placing a fixed asset into service, you will gain speed, scalability and control over fixed assets even before they become fixed assets.