Unlimited Backup of Servers and Workstations

Unlimited Backup of Servers and Workstations

EV-Backup devices can back-up an unlimited number of servers and workstation off-site using EV-Backup’s proprietary backup system. Multiple copies of data off-site ensure that no matter the situation, data is always available and can be recovered in the event of an extended outage or onsite disaster.

Auto Updating

All EV-Backup appliances regularly download and install software updates in the background ensuring that every device is always running the latest version of EV-Backup’s software and benefit from the continual software enhancements.

Industry Compatibility

EV-Backup’s devices are capable of exporting to powerful, portable, and industry-standard VM formats, including VMDK (VMware) and VHD (Hyper V). This amazing technology means any export from an EV-Backup device can run on systems that support these formats.

Network Friendly

All EV-Backup devices are configured with multiple gigabit network interfaces that are auto-crossover. EV-Backup chooses name brand network adapters to ensure high reliability. Each appliance communicates using industry standards like CIFS, NFS, and HTTP SSL ensuring maximum compatibility. Every EV-Backup device comes configured for DHCP, enabling easy setup.