EV-Backup Key Features

Data Security

All EV-Backup devices use advanced encryption technology to keep data secure at all times. During both transmit and storage, data is fully encrypted using AES 256 and SSL key-based encryption. This powerful encryption ensures data cannot be accessed. In addition to all information being stored in an encrypted state, data stored in EV-Backup’s off-site data centers is fully protected at all times. EV-Backup follows strict security protocol and customer data stored off-site is encrypted.

Custom Data Retention Settings

A flexible retention policy allows you to choose what files you want to delete to make space at any point in time. Since data recovery does not rely on a backup chain, recovery points can be removed at any time with no effect on the remaining device data.

Quick Data Restoration

When a customer’s local data is lost or destroyed, EV-Backup can recover all data off-site and quickly deliver to the end customer. FTP + SSL access provides continuous secure access anytime to all data stored at off-site data centers. If a Bare Metal restore is required, we can work through the process.