EV-Backup Core Technology

Instant Virtualization

When disaster strikes, every second counts. Taking days to recover information and get computer systems up and running translates into money lost and possibly, the end of your business. With EV-Backup, your company can be up and running in just seconds. With the click of a button, your EV-Backup device recreates your computers and servers so your business can resume as if nothing had ever happened.

EV-Backup devices also provide instant off-site virtualization, so in the event that the EV-Backup device is destroyed, you can still access your information, even from a remote location. And once you’re ready to rebuild, Evron provides the support you need to get you back on your feet.

Virtualization Highlights

EV-Backup Hardware Devices

To accomplish Intelligent Business Continuity, EV-Backup offers local device backup using two product families; EV-Backup and EV-Backup Lite , each available with different drive and form factor configurations to make it easy for you to match the right solution to your need. Should storage or feature requirements increase, EV-Backup offers a risk-free upgrade program that allows your solution to scale or grow at the speed of your business. (See EV-Backup Configuration Matrix)

EV-Backup devices come in a variety of configurations with the latest motherboards, 64-bit multicore CPUs, expandable RAM, dual NIC cards, and redundant power supplies. With a number of storage options, EV-Backup offers the flexibility of several different RAID configurations to balance throughput as well as the amount of data redundancy required. And every EV-Backup unit comes with a comprehensive 3-year hardware warranty to protect your investment.

The EV-Backup Cloud TM

The EV-Backup Cloud provides secure data backup of all EV-Backup devices. Data stored on local EV-Backup devices is replicated to redundant bi-coastal SSAE16 certified data centers and any failed system can be virtualized instantly off-site. All EV-Backup devices perform continuous encrypted incremental backups to the EV-Backup Cloud. Data is stored in multiple redundant cluster nodes at each data center. Each data center is served by multiple redundant fiber connections to the Internet. Power is supplemented with both battery backup and N+1 diesel generation capabilities. The data centers use global biometric authentication access methodology to track all authenticated data center personnel and prohibit the entry of any unauthorized persons. The data centers are staffed 24/7 and cannot be accessed by the public. Remote critical facilities management teams monitor, report, and record all access and activity to ensure the most comprehensive security possible.

Remote Web Management

EV-Backup’s advanced management console allows virtualization to be initiated from anywhere in the world. This makes testing and actual failover easy enough that you don’t even have to be on-site. And when an actual catastrophe does occur, you’ll know exactly what to expect and how to respond.