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From Evron Computer Systems, a Business Systems expert in the areas of Field Service, Managed Services and Accounting applications, a resource scheduling tool that will

Improve your Bottom Line

The key to operational effectiveness is precision, and the key to providing effective service is diligence. As providers and consumers of services, we understand the value of the skilled, punctual and efficient vendor. Having the right tools to support a request for service is paramount for contract renewal and ongoing profitability.

Your customers will feel the difference.

easi.Dispatch helps you create an effective customer service and dispatch environment. All customer service staff can have access to the real time calendar view of appointments. All users benefit from up-to-the-minute scheduling accuracy.

Setting up resources by skill-set and/or geography is easy with easi.Dispatch . By improving resource selection, your first time fix rate will rise along with your contract renewal rate. By automating the creation of the Sales Order, you will put an end to lost service tickets and lost billings. The service call record in easi.Dispatch is at the heart of the system. It is used by your dispatch & scheduling staff to initiate the life cycle of the service call.

Knowledge Drives ProfitabilityGood decisions require accurate information. When you assign and dispatch a resource, you need information about the requirement: Who? What? Where? When?

By applying better knowledge about available resources (competencies, locations served, specialties), you improve your resource utilization and tactical efficiency. By capturing information throughout the service cycle, you enable better strategic decisions.         :

With easi.Dispatch you can categorize resources by the criteria that best apply. You may define and sort your resources by skill set, by function, by geography, or any definition that best serves you. This functionality combined with a network-shared calendar means that your customers will receive prompt and correct information from your customer service.

Make information visible

Resource planning is made much easier with easi.Dispatch. Knowing your resource utilization can assist in identifying possible deficiencies as well as opportunities.  

Increase Customer Loyalty

Instead of merely responding when your customers have problems, you can use the knowledge that easi.Dispatch provides and be more proactive in offering services to your customers. Become less of a commodity vendor and more of a trusted partner for your customers.:

Are you satisfied with Contract Renewal Rates?

Measure, Report, Improve

easi.Dispatch helps you better serve your customer base and offer more distinct value to new target accounts. The ability to capture key data, measure and report on Key Performance Indicators, will secure your status as a valued and trusted partner.

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Custom Reporting

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