Epicor Clientele CRM

Clientele CRM is an integrated Microsoft-based, award-winning customer relationship management solution that enables emerging companies to manage the entire customer lifecycle.

Clientele Customer Relationship Management: Helps you focus on your customers. Clientele products enable you to gather, organize, track, and share prospect, customer, competitor and product information.


Sales and Marketing

The Sales and Marketing application empowers you to focus on the right opportunities while giving you access to timely information. You get complete Contact, Lead, Opportunity and Account Management… all in one package. Once a qualified lead becomes an opportunity, sales teams can be formed and managed, milestones set and measured, literature sent, competitor information accessed, correspondence generated and potential revenue forecasted. Plus, you can view your sales funnel at any point and see exactly where you are in the sales cycle to provide management with up-to-date, verifiable revenue projections. With Clientele, you can also pinpoint your targets, capture highly qualified leads and perform cost/benefits ROI analyses on marketing activities. The result? Better prospects, shorter sales cycles, and more revenue.

Customer Support

Clientele Customer Support is a complete tool for managing—even anticipating—the support needs of your external customers. It enables you to efficiently manage your entire workload, from handling calls to requesting customer shipments. You can track all products your customers purchase, as well as any products that are returned for service or replacement. It keeps your support staff and customers totally informed at all times and your company’s decision-makers up-to-date. Plus, it helps support departments identify and forecast their contribution to the bottom line, resulting in greater profitability and predictability.

Clientele’s AnswerBook feature, an online store of answers to your customers’ most frequently asked questions, makes it easy for anyone in your company to give fast and accurate answers. Clientele Customer Support enables you to deliver world-class service, resulting in more repeat business and stronger referrals.


Clientele Connector is designed to easily connect remote sites and laptop users to centralized information. Data can be synchronized and exchanged between sites, as well as between individual sites and a central database. Through a sophisticated “data slicing” process, you can ensure that locations or individuals only receive the information they need. Bi-directional information exchanges are made in a single session, making for a speedy transmission. Access to timely information results in more efficient service calls, faster sales cycles, and satisfied customers.


Clientele Conductor can escalate calls, send messages, update records, even retrieve e-mail messages and convert those messages into records. You define your own Conductor “triggers” that scan your database looking for specific conditions. When those conditions are met, Conductor performs actions that you’ve already defined. It can automatically perform just about any task for you, from checking to see if you’re meeting your service level agreements to notifying customers whose maintenance contracts are up for renewal. Conductor enables you to easily manage a variety of workflow processes, saving you both time and money, and helping to ensure that your business runs smoothly.


ClienteleNet supports either Internet or Intranet environments, providing your customers, business partners and field representatives with access to information and answers to their questions – at their convenience. ClienteleNet is a secure, standards-based Web application that is highly adaptable to meet your business requirements. Plus, it works with common Internet browsers, ensuring that information is available when needed, regardless of platform or location. With ClienteleNet, emerging enterprises get the corporate presence and Web-capability they need to provide timely, accessible information to their customers and field representatives.

An Integrated Solution

Implement Clientele in your Support department, then add the Sales and Marketing features later and give your company a single-source, customer-centric solution. Or implement both solutions at the same time—eFrontOffice is designed to work either way. With our integrated solution, once you bring a new customer on board, your support department has access to the entire sales history for that customer. Customers no longer have to repeat themselves whenever their case is passed on to someone else. Everyone who interacts with a customer has access to the same customer information, making for a smooth transition from sales to support, and resulting in more satisfied customers.

The Best Value for Emerging Businesses

Easy to install and maintain. Clean user-interface. Shared prospect and customer information. Powerful functionality. Not to mention simple to configure and customize. With a scalable architecture that can grow as your business grows. And a true cost-of-ownership designed for the sensitive budgets of the emerging enterprise. It’s easy to understand why over 3,000 companies worldwide use Clientele.