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ESP Field Service Software

An ideal tool for the competitive telecommunications industry, ESP Field Service software addresses every step of the field service life cycle.

With ESP you can build the effective, efficient service department that leads to loyal customers and long-term success.

Return on Investment

If you're like most telcos, your company rises and falls on the loyalty of your long-term customers. In recent years however, deregulation and predatory pricing have led to customer turnover rates of 40% a year for some telecommunications companies. A 5% improvement in customer Retention rates will yield between a 25-100% increase in profits - Frederick Reicheld, The Loyalty Effect

Increasing your sales investment may make up the revenue shortfall, but it can cost you over five times as much to get these new sales as it would to sell to existing customers. As a result, many companies find profit margins plummeting, even while revenue is stable.

The answer is to increase your customer retention by answering their needs through fast, effective service. Companies that have adopted ESP Field Service software enjoy a tool that helps provide:

The right person: Dispatcher has skills background and daily schedule for each technician at their fingertips and the ability to send assignments remotely and wirelessly.

The right solution: Quick solutions come from extensive intelligence on parts and service history

Right away: Avoid administrative delays thanks to integration with accounting and CRM software and instant access to contracts and customer history.

Evaluating the customer: Find out who the customer is - from general location, service agreements and technical information to a full contact history.

Dispatching personnel: Know who's available and who's right for the job.

Assess employee and contractor skill sets, use the dispatch board to check calendars side by side, and send assignments through wireless PDAs.

Solving the problem: See what happened the last time a similar problem arose with this client, this piece of equipment or this time of year. On-site technicians have a variety of ways to access the database remotely and wirelessly.

It can cost 5 to 12 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing customer - Thomas Siebel, Siebel SystemsParts and Equipment: Easily find, evaluate and track parts and equipment - how old they are, how they've been used, their cost and value.

Billing: Access billing and payment information and generate invoices with full accounting software integration.

Manage the Service Department: Enter contract rates, organize vacation time and plan future training. Track technician availability, activity and billable time.

Evaluating Profitability: See how well the service department is performing and where things are going wrong. Spot problems with faulty equipment, multiple visits, lost time, under-performing contractors, etc.

The Client Service Process

Whether you provide wireless cellular or fixed wireline services, your customers depend on you to ensure that their voice, data and video infrastructure is functioning at top capacity virtually 100% of the time. When they lose their ability to communicate, their business suffers immediately, and they expect a solution immediately - if not sooner. ESP guides you every step of the way:

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