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PAYstation CPE software streamlines your payment process by printing laser cheques, complete with characters, secured amount fonts and encrypted digital signatures on blank iĚDNA Security Laser Cheque paper.

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PAYstation CPE is Windows-based cheque printing software designed to assist cheque issuers to print cheques in a secure, flexible and cost effective manner. CPE streamlines your payment process by printing laser cheques, complete with characters, secured amount fonts and encrypted digital signatures on blank iĚDNATM Security Laser Cheque paper.

The cheque printing process occurs by merging payment details from your accounting system with pre-configured cheque templates within PAYstation CPE. You control the configuration and layout of an unlimited number of bank accounts, eliminating the inconvenience and expenses of maintaining stocks of pre-printed cheques.

Benefits & Security Features of CPE


Security Features

Positive Pay (Optional Feature)

A customer generates and transmits a Positive Pay (from PAYstation CPE) to the banking institution. The banking institution then takes responsibility to cash only the cheques that are referenced in the Positive Pay file. It allows a customer to obtain status information about all outstanding cheques in circulation.

Multilevel Password Security Control

PAYstation CPE offers three signing thresholds - having one, two or no signatures on the cheque. Operator privileges can be individually assigned.

Font Image

PAYstation's amount font image and worded amount increase security. The amount font image is specifically designed for security purposes to decrease the risk of amount alteration. This anti- tampering feature discourages the most determined counterfeiter. The font image can be adapted to your country's currency.

Encryption of all digital signatures

To prevent unauthorized usage of signatures in other software applications.

Activation and decryption of Signatures

By use of Signature Card and Magnetic Car Reader.

Fully customizable operator privileges

By the designation of duties which can be assigned by someone with supervisor rights. Control of digitized cheque signing by use of three fully customizable signing thresholds.

Physical Security USB HASP Key

The USB HASP Key is the most reliable and effective hardware-based protection system on the market. Every USB HASP key contains an embedded encryption engine with an algorithm that is inaccessible and hidden from prying eyes.

The USB HASP Key prevents unauthorized usage of the CPE. Software access and cheque printing is impossible without the USB HASP Key.

Full Reporting System

The Audit Reporting System gives information, including cheque amount, number, date, and the user that printed the cheque run, based upon the current batch of cheques being printed. The archive Reporting System provides historical information, including: cheque number, bank account, operator, and daily cheques printed based upon a date range.

Automation Feature

Allows unattended cheque printing.

Optional Software Modules

Manual Cheques Module offers the capability to generate manual cheques independent of the financial software system. Excellent solution for cheques which need to be sent out immediately.

Reconciliation Module allows users to keep track of outstanding cheque records, or automatically by importing an electronic file (containing a list of cheques).

Certificate of Warranty

The high level of security of our software systems allows us to include, for a period of one year, a $150,000 (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand dollar) Certificate of Warranty*.

PAYstation's Certificate of Warranty includes Software License, Technical Support and Software Updates.

*Certificate of Warranty available in Canada only.

i-DNATM Registered Security Laser Cheque

i-DNA Cheque printed with MICR5000


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