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PAYstation CPS is compatible with Windows-based accounting software. CPS is affordable for all sizes of businesses. The cost effective CPS prints a high quality secure laser cheque.

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CPS Cheque Printing Software, developed by PAYstation Inc., is compatible with Windows-based accounting software. CPS is affordable for all sizes of businesses. The cost effective CPS prints a high quality secure laser cheque.

Installation, configuration and use of PAYstation CPS is quick and simple, an experienced software user can install the application, complete the configuration and test print in 15 minutes for most standard cheques forms.


PAYstation CPS prints your cheques on blank i-DNATM Registered Security Cheque paper eliminating the threat of stolen pre-printed company cheques.

PAYstation CPS Cheque Printing Software prints:

The CPS allows the user to install critical information such as user's accounts and form layouts to a central directory on the network. Multiple users can have simultaneous access to the information. Client's installation allows the setup to link to an existing server installation. A USB HASP Key is required to access information.

Audit Reporting System

The Audit Reporting System provides information, including cheque amount, cheque number, date, payee name, and the user that printed the cheque run, based upon the current batch of cheques being printed. A report will auto-generate after 10 seconds if the option was selected under the account maintenance options. The information provided by the Audit Reporting System becomes a powerful inside fraud investigative tool.

Archive Reporting System

The Archive Reporting System provides historical information including cheque number, amount, date, payee name, and the user that printed the cheque run, based upon a date range. The Archive Reporting System assists in detection of previous fraud activity.


PAYstation CPS benefits companies requiring multi-account/company cheque writing options.

The CPS Cheque Printing Software supports sixteen (16) combinations of corporate names, logos or signing options.

Each corporate registration allows cheque issuing in dual currencies, thirty-two (32) bank accounts, eliminating the need for separate cheque stock for each bank account.

PAYstation Positive Pay is an optional feature. Positive Pay is a powerful identity theft cheque fraud deterrent. PAYstation Positive Pay provides the cheque issuer with an electronic file of all cheques written during that payment period and allows the file to be transmitted to the bank for payment verification.

PAYstation CPS Cheque Printing Software is available in French and English.

Savings/Blank Cheque paper

PAYstation CPS prints your laser cheques on blank i-DNATM Security Cheque paper at a fraction of the cost of preprinted cheques.



The USB HASP Key is the most reliable and effective hardware-based protection system on the market. Every USB HASP key contains an embedded encryption engine with an algorithm that is inaccessible and hidden from prying eyes.

The USB HASP Key prevents unauthorized usage of the CPS. Software access and cheque printing is impossible without the USB HASP Key.

Access Codes

For security purpposes, management controls the eight (8) access codes, as to who can and cannot write or sign cheques for your company and for what amount.

PAYstation's 3 in 1 Security Images

The Payment Software prints exclusive security images on your business computer cheques. PAYstation's PAYONLY image, Payee Name Image and Amount Font Image are specifically designed for security purposes to decrease the risk of amount alteration and falsification of the payee name. These anti-tampering features discourage the most determined counterfeiter.


The "PAY ONLY" offers the same pro-active deterrents as "FOR DEPOSIT ONLY".

Payee Name Image

Having two versions of the payee name (image and printed) offers powerful deterrents and additional security in your cheque issuing.

Amount Font Image

The amount font image and worded amount increase security. The amount font image can be adapted to your country's currency.

Encrypted Signatures

All signatures are encrypted and can only be used while operating your CPS Cheque Printing Software.

The signatures authenticate the signing of your cheques and the access codes activate the signatures. The encrypted signatures are fully customized.

Certificate of Warranty

The high level of security of our software and hardware systems allows us to include, for a period of one year, a $150,000 (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand dollar) Certificate of Warranty*.

PAYstation Certificate of Warranty includes Software License, Technical Support and Software Updates.

*Certificate of Warranty available in Canada only.

Technology & Compatibility

PAYstation CPS Cheque Printing Software is compatible with Windows operating systems 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP; Network compatibility - Novell, NT, 2000, 2003. Paystation CPS requires a laser printer and MICR toner cartridge.

PAYstation CPS Cheque Printing Software is compatible with the following Windows based accounting systems:

  • Avantage
  • Acomba
  • Axon
  • Dynacom Accounting
  • Epicor Financials
  • Great Plains
  • Jonas for Windows
  • M.I.G.
  • Macola
  • Microsoft Money
  • M.S.I. Municipal
  • Paymate
  • PCLaw
  • Quickbooks
  • Quicken
  • Sage Accpac
  • Sage Business Works
  • Sage BusinessVision
  • Sage MAS 90
  • Sage MAS 200
  • Sage MAS 500
  • Sage Peachtree
  • Sage PFW
  • Sage Simply Accounting
  • SBT Pro Series
  • Settler's Gold
  • Vision Point
  • Visual Fox Pro
  • Visual Manufacturing
  • Win Ledge
  • WolfePakFinancial

** The above list may be incomplete as new software versions are frequently introduced.

MICR i-DNATM Registered Security Cheque printed by CPS

i-DNA Cheque printed with MICR5000


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